Preliminary Program: TEMA 2013


Friday, 27 September


Registration:                            8:00AM-4:00PM

Location:                                 Foyer of Main Entrance to Jack B. Kelley Student Center


Welcome:                                9:00AM-9:20AM        Thunder Room

:                                               Wade Shaffer, Provost/VPAA


Session IA                               9:30AM-11:00AM      Maroon Room


Women and Priests

Chair:                                      Elizabeth Clark           West Texas A&M University


Beth Allison Barr        Baylor University

Were Women Banned from Singing in the Pre-Reformation English Church? The Evidence of Sermons


Taylor Mazzola           Baylor University

Proficient Priests and Practiced Prayers; Representations of Women in Instructions for Parish Priests and Monument of Matrones


Tori Jessen                  Baylor University

“Women are strongest:” Agrippa von Nettesheim and Female Identity



Session 1B                              9:30AM-11:00AM      Senate Chamber


War, Religion, and Society

Chair:                                      Andrew Villalon         University of Texas


Charles Awwad           University of St. Thomas

Choosing the Cross over the Crescent: Positive Interactions among Local Populations and the First Crusaders


Brooke Barthosh         Texas Tech University

Two “Flowers of Chivalry”: Richard the Lionheart and William the Marshal


Nicholas Wallace        Texas Tech University

Butchers, Cemeteries, Bishops, and Hunting Forest: The Remarkable Medieval Site History of the Binchester Roman Fort in County Durham England ca. 600 -1350 A.D.



Coffee/Refreshments                        11:00-11:30AM          Thunder Room


Session 2A                              11:30AM-1:00PM      Maroon Room



Chair:                                      Beth Allison Barr        Baylor University


Connie Scarborough   Texas Tech University

Disability in Marian Miracle Tales


Paul Larson                Baylor

Walking on Prickly Grass: Berceo's "La abadesa preñada"



Session 2B                              11:30AM-1:00PM      Senate Chamber


Kings and a Queen

Chair:                                      Bonnie Roos               West Texas A&M University


Jeffrey Hamilton          Baylor University

The Education of a King: Henry de Lacy, Edward of Caernarvon, and BL MS. Harley 902


Don Kagay                  Albany State University

Church and State in an Embattled Land: The Great Western Schism and the Crown of Aragon


Melanie Maddox         The Citadel

'Queen or Puppet Lady?:’ Æthelflaed’s role in the Politics, Power and Identity of Mercia'



Session 2C                              11:30AM-1:00PM      West Texas


The Treatment of the Insane in the Middle Ages

Chair:                          Heidi Taylor (West Texas A&M University)


Rachel Head               University of North Texas

Evolution of Insanity, Bethlem Hospital and the Creation of Secular Insane Asylums in England


Lunch                                     1:00PM-2:30PM

“On Your Own” In addition to the “Rough Guide” to Canyon/Amarillo, there is also the Food Court in the JBK. A decent variety of fast-food establishments also ring the university.


Session 3A                              2:30PM-4:00PM        Maroon Room


The Ius Commune

Chair:                                      Jean  Stuntz                 West Texas A&M University            


Laura Stern                 University of North Texas

The Changing Ius Commune 


Jerry Coats                  Tarrant County Community College

Partidas, Cantigas, and Pilgrimage Law on the Road to Santiago


Jessica Jackson           Toulouse Graduate School at University of North Texas

“A Good Woman Will Endure:” Misogyny, Marginalization, and Inheritance Custom in Medieval France


Anna Fitz-Simons        University of North Texas

The Evolution of Laws Concerning Women and Religious Minorities in the Kingdom of Castile and Greater Iberia from the Visigoths to the 13th Century


Session 3 B                             2:30PM-4:00PM        Senate Chamber


Iconography and Art

Chair:                                      Janis Elliott Texas Tech University


Olga Posazhennikova             Texas Tech University

How the Naples Moralized Bible Contributed to the Image of Angevin Kings


Gilbert Jones                           Texas Tech University

Columpnellos et leonibus: The Function of Column-Bearing Lions Supporting Nicola Pisano’s Pisa and Siena Pulpits


Kent Harris                             Independent Scholar/Artist

Medieval Jugs


Coffee/Refreshments                        4:00PM-4:30PM        Thunder Room


Plenary Speech                       4:30PM-5:30PM                    Legacy Hall


Richard H. Helmholz

Ruth Wyatt Rosenson Distinguished Service Professor of Law

University of Chicago


Medieval Due Process of Law: What Did it Mean in Fact?


Reception                                6:00PM-7:00PM        Panhandle Plains Museum


Saturday, 28 September


Registration:                            8:00AM-12:00PM

Location:                                 Foyer of Main Entrance to Jack B. Kelley Student Center


Plenary Speech                       9:00AM-10AM                       Legacy Hall


Wendy J. Turner
Interim Chair, English and Foreign Languages

Georgia Regents University


Medieval Intellectual and Mental Health Conditions


Coffee/Refreshments              10:00AM-10:30AM    Thunder Room


Session 4A                              10:30AM-12:00 PM   Maroon Room

The Morte d’Arthur

Chair:                          Karen Brown Campbell (Tarrant County Community College)


Tom Hanks                  Baylor University

Reader Response to Sir Thomas Malory’s Oral-Aural Text


Laura Clark                Baylor University

Target, Trap, and Tempt: A 3-Step Plan to Win Lancelot as a Lover


Juliana Mudd              Baylor University

“She Were Gretly to Blame”: A Study of Malory’s Ettard


Adam Marshall           Baylor University

Sir Lancelot at the Chapel Perlus: Malory’s Adaptation of the Perlevaus


Session 4B                              10:30AM-12:00 PM   Senate Chamber


Medieval Intellectual History

Chair:                          Professor Anand Commissiong West Texas A&M University


Cary Nederman          Texas A&M University

“Practical” and “Productive” Knowledge in the Twelfth Century: Aristotelianism before the Aristotelian Revival


John Howe                  Texas Tech University

Were the Seven Liberal Arts Basic for Medieval Education?


David Day                   University of Houston-Clear Lake

’To Him That Looketh Alle Thinges From An Heh’: Boethian Epistemology in Troilus and Criseyde

Session 4C:                             10:30AM-12:00PM


Catapult Demonstration         Corner of Russell Long Blvd. and WTAMU Drive

Chair:                                      Don Kagay      Albany State University


Lane J. Sobehrad                    Texas Tech University

Devin Fields                            Texas Tech University


Lunch                                     12:15-1:45PM                        Alumni Banquet Hall/Buffalo Room


Lunchtime Concert: Songs of Faith and Pilgrimage from Medieval Spain

Altramar Medieval Music Ensemble/Texas Tech Early Music Ensemble

Dr. Jann Cosart (Baylor University, Altramar Medieval Music Ensemble)

Stephanie Council (Texas Tech Early Music Ensemble)

Dr. Angela Mariani (Texas Tech Early Music Ensemble, Altramar Medieval Music Ensemble)

Dr. Benjamin Robinette (Texas Tech Early Music Ensemble)

David Stattelman (Altramar Medieval Music Ensemble)


Business Meeting


Presidential Address:              Bruce C. Brasington   West Texas A&M University


The High Plains Medievalist


Session 5A                              2:00PM-3:30PM        Maroon Room


Middle Ages: Classroom and Popular Culture

Chair:                                      Tim Bowman West Texas A&M University


Karen Bollermann                  Arizona State University

The Virtual Scribe: Treaching Medieval Studies Online


Andrew Villalon                      University of Texas

Resigning Popes, Medieval and Modern: What the News Media Failed to Tell Us!


Kathryne Beebe                       University of Texas at Arlington

Rethinking the Direction of Virtual Pilgrim Studies


Amanda King                          Austin Community College

From Deor to Dead Sara: Old English Roots in Heavy Metal Lyrics


Session 5B                              2:00PM-3:30PM        Senate Chamber


Popes, Bishops, Crusaders, Inquisitors

Chair:  Jeffrey Hamilton         Baylor University


Dale Streeter                           Eastern New Mexico University

Rigaud de Asserio: Papal Collector and Bishop


Theresa  Vann                         Hill Monastic Manuscript Library

The Knight, The Inquisitor, and the Subversive Statutes of the Order of Malta


Session 5C                              2:00PM-3:30PM        West Texas


Maillezais Abbey: G.I.S. as Team Research

Chair:                          Wade Shaffer (West Texas A&M University)


Mickey Abel                                         University of North Texas

Maillezais Abbey: Economics, Architecture and Water Infrastructure


Dory Deines                                        University of North Texas

Using Mapping Technologies to Understand Canal Development in the Vendée


Owen Wilson-Chavez                          University of North Texas

Trade Flows: Estimating Canal Trip Time with Geographic Network Analysis near Maillezais Abbey


Laura Lee Brott                                   University of North Texas

Reading Between the Lions: A Surviving Capital at Maillezais Abbey


Shana Thompson                                University of North Texas

Land, Water, Woman: Coudrette’s Mélusine as a Symbol of Regional Identity in Late Medieval Poitou


Coffee/Refreshments              3:30PM-4:00PM        Thunder Room


Session 6A                              4:00PM-5:30PM        Maroon Room


Topics in Medieval Law and Government

Chair:                          Bruce C. Brasington   West Texas A&M University


Justin Kirkland            Texas Tech University

The Right to Holidays in Medieval England


Dick King                    Midwestern State University

Thirteenth-Century English Legal Records and Church History


Desirae Hamilton        University of North Texas

The Bullectini, the Captain, the Florentine Government and the Struggle for Superiority


Ada Maria Kuskowski Southern Methodist University



Session 6B                              4:00PM-5:30PM        Senate Chamber


Medieval English Literature: The Holy and Unholy

Chair:  Shannon Nolen           West Texas A&M University


Valerie Dennis                        West Texas A&M University

Dressed For Eternity: Clothing and Salvation in Cleanness and Saint Erkenwald


Karen Bollermann                  Arizona State University

Drawing Lots: The Holy, the Unholy, and the Damned in Medieval Sodom


Shannon Nolen                        West Texas A&M University

Mythological Saviors: Malory’s Redemption in Morte d’Arthur


Karen Brown Campbell          Tarrant County Community College

Holy Horses: The Instructive Role of Horses in Hagiographical Literature