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Le Grand Sceau
des étudiants
du MRSC:
Armadilllo rampant et
Arbre remise en vigeur,
symboles du moyen âge
et de la Renaissance,
autour du sceau
de l'Universit

  • The Medieval Latin Reading Group resumed its biweekly meetings on September 6.   For further information ,and for inclusion on its mailing list, contact Dr. Jacob Baum.
  • The Texas Tech Graduate School honored Justin Kirkland, who graduated with a masters degree in History in spring 2013, with the Outstanding Thesis Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) for 2013  for ""From Rite to Right: How Holy Days Became a Natural Right in Medieval England."
  • This year the Texas Medieval Association (TEMA) will hold its annual meeting in Canyon Texas at West Texas A&M University. on September 27 and 28.  Program posted here. To facilitate the participation of Texas Tech students, the MRSC Board has approved the rental of vans to provide free transportation.  For places on the vans, contact John Howe. TTU students who want to participate as conference aides will be entitled to free registration at the TEMA conference of 2014 (to be held at the University of North Texas).  TEMA hosts graduate-student-friendly conferences and the call for papers remains open until September 1.
  • The MRSC provides $200 subsidies for TTU graduate students to attend major interdisciplinary medieval and Renaissance Studies conferences.  The modest MRSC subsidy can sometimes be parlayed into a larger amount through matching funds from departments or the Graduate School. However, no total reimbursal can exceed 100% of cost - students must fill out university travel forms and cannot be funded for more than acceptable receipted expenses. The MRSC Board also voted at its meeting on August 23, 2012 to consider, on an ad hoc basis, applications seeking support for attendance at other potentially comparable conferences. For details, contact Dr. John Howe.
  • Last year more than 1000 Texas Tech students studied abroad.  This included at least three graduate students in medieval and Renaissance studies.  Students interested in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance who want to investigate opportunities to study or conduct research in Europe can contact Monica Hopkins (UK and Europe except Italy, France and Spain), Jesse Malone (Italy), Julia Mainini (France) or Donna Wright (Spain).  Students can also explore the study abroad website to see the variety of programs available to Texas Tech students.

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