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Graduate Certificate Requirements

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies certificate requires eighteen total hours of graduate work, at least fifteen of which must be awarded by Texas Tech University. Three of those hours must be MRST 5301: Methods in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, an interdisciplinary course that introduces both specific Texas Tech programs and general research problems involved in the relevant academic disciplines. The other fifteen hours may be drawn from approved elective courses or from other courses specifically approved by the MRST advisors. No more than nine of the eighteen hours may be taken in a single academic discipline.
Required: MRST 5301

Electives: Choose 15 hours (no more than 9 from any single academic discipline) from CLAS 5311, 5350; FREN 5312; GERM 5314; ITAL 5301; LAT 5360; SPAN 5345, 5361, 5362; ENGL 5301, 5303, 5304, 5305, 5334, 5364; HIST 5341, 5342, 5351, 5366; ARTH 5305, 5320, 5340; MRST 7000; MUHL 5320, 5322, 5331; THA 5325, 5333; or from other relevant courses approved by the certificate program advisors.

Certificate Courses

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MRST Graduate Courses Offered Through the Center

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