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Dr. Stratton

Dr. Lorum Stratton
Interim Chair – CMLL
Associate Professor of Spanish
Texas Tech Professor, 1969 - present

It is exciting to see the rebirth of the CMLL News in order that we may reach out to many of you who have meant so much to the growth and development of this department, and to reach out to many others who have benefitted from their studies in International Languages, Cultures and Literatures.

We continue to talk about the shrinking world, the explosion of the global economy, and how modern technology has raised the cultural awareness of the entire world. Years ago, notice of a financial crisis in Greece may have evoked some sympathy and concern. Today, notice of a financial crisis in Greece causes a huge ripple in the daily economy of the United States, as well as the rest of the world.

Even more today than before, the knowledge and appreciation of other languages and cultures is important in all our lives. A couple of weeks ago, in the Mall, I came across a former student from about 15 years ago, and after the pleasant even joyful greetings, this student expressed to me how the study of Spanish and in particular the study abroad experience in the Mexico Field Course had changed him personally and the course of his life. We, faculty and staff of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures are excited to be part of this area of learning, where not only academic knowledge is gained, but a love and appreciation for languages and cultures and a better understanding of the world we live in.

Thanks to all our former students and colleagues for allowing us to be a part of your lives. We hope through this newsletter to report on current happenings, to continue to build our scholarships, and to reestablish contact with many of you.


Luso-Brazilian Film Festival presented: José e Pilar (2010)

El Grito: Mexico’s Independence celebrations included short films about Mexico’s culture and history.

The Comparative Literature Program hosted a Talk and Book Reading by Puerto Rican Author Irene Vilar: “Unlucky Luck Bodies: A Personal Account of Generational and National Trauma”.

Annual Cultural Day, “The World at your Doorstep” organized by Céfiro, the Spanish Graduate Organization.

Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures Lecture Series with Dr. Anita McChesney,presenting “Reconstructing Austrian Narratives: Media and History in Gerhard Roth’s Orkus.

“CMLL Faculty and Students Read Their Creative Texts” series organized by Dr. Hafid Gafaïti, Horn Professor, Qualia Professor .

“Svaerholt: Recovered Memories ofa WWII Prisoner –of-War Camp in Arctic Norway” with Bjørnar Olsen, Professor of Archaeology, The University of Tromsø and Christopher Witmore, Associate Professor of Classics, Texas Tech University

Lecture, “Toward a Poetics of Epigram” presented by Dr. Don Lavigne, Associate Professor of Classics.

Dr. Matthieu Chan Tsin, Chair of World Languages & Cultures, Coastal Carolina University presented, “Military Realities and Chivalric Ideals in the Late Middle Ages” organized by Dr. Carole Edwards, Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies.

Applied Linguistics faculty and graduate students hosted “Do you Want to be an English Teacher Overseas?”

The Graduate Classics Symposium: Plato on Poetry was held on December 8. A keynote address was given by Dr. Marcus Folch from Columbia University, “The Content of the Form: Criticism and the Authority of the Audience in Plato’s Theory of Genre. Six of our TTU Classics MA students present papers.

End of Semester Luncheon for the CMLL Faculty and Staff.

Holiday Luncheon


Dr. Farley

Dr. Andrew Farley
Associate Professor of Linguistics
Primary focus:
Grammatical Form
Secondary focus: Bilingualism
and Vocabulary Acquisition
What made you decide on your field of research?
My dissertation examined the relative effects of two types of focus-on-form intervention. Since then, I’ve published studies on bilingualism and vocabulary acquisition, but grammatical form is still my focus.

What do you enjoy most about your field?
I really enjoy watching graduate students wrestle with some of the SLA research findings during their first semester of study. It’s fun to watch the “light bulb” go off, and they always have great questions.

Have you had any of your students go into this field?
Of course, I’ve seen lots of students go on to teach language. I’ve also seen several students go on to Ph.D. work in SLA. That’s rewarding to see!

What are your personal hobbies and interests?
I love sideways sports. Growing up, it was skateboarding. Now, it’s wakeboarding, and in the winter, snowboarding. Also, I run short distances a few times a week to keep my energy up.

Would you like to add something else interesting about yourself or your work?
My spouse, Katharine Hayhoe, is a faculty member in Political Science and serves as co-Director of the new Climate Science Center here at TTU. Also, our 4-year old Gavin hopes to be an astronaut, a fireman, or a fireman in space.

Dr. Guengerich

Dr. Sara Guengerich
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Primary focus:
The literary, textual
and cultural production that survived,
emerged and was transformed during
the conquest and colonization of
Spanish America. Recent topics include
indigenous women and free blacks.
What do you enjoy most about your field?
The field of colonial studies allows scholars, like myself, a myriad of opportunities for interdisciplinary research. In my case, I combine literature and history to have a deeper understanding of the aurthors and protagonists of this period. I particularly enjoy researching in colonial archives in Peru, Bolivia, Spain and specialized libraries in the United States. Tracing the lives and writings of colonial native Andeans and people of African descent, which usually take me from Peru to Bolivia, and from Bolivia to Spain, may be a challenge, but one that has many rewards.

Have you had any of your students go into this field?
Yes! Currently, I am directing three Ph.D. dissertations in colonial literature and cultural studies, with topics that are fascinating and very promising. My students have shown their commitment to this field by learning paleography, the art of reading and transcribing ancient documents and researching in colonial archives.

What are your favorite Texas Tech events and traditions?
I love the Annual Carol of Lights tradition because Christmas is my favorite time of the year. We have a beautiful campus already, but the lights and decorations for this special tradition make our campus look even more beautiful! I think this event is also a great one to bring people together as many students and staff work hard for this.

What are your personal hobbies and interests?
I enjoy traveling with my husband, Phillip and our dog, Chaski. We love spending time together away from the business of everyday life. Nonetheless, wherever we go, I always do something that relates to my research interests whether it’ll be visiting a museum, an archeological site or buying books.

study abroad

Classics Summer 1 & 2: June 17 - July 29 in Binchester, UK with Drs. Witmore & Kelly
French Summer 1: May 30 - June 30 in Reims, France with Dr. Carole Edwards
German Summer 1: May 25-June 29 (tentative) in various historic places in Germany with Dr. Stefanie Borst
Spanish Summer 1: May 21 - June 30 in Seville, Spain at the TTU Center with Dr. Guengrich
Spanish Summer 2: June 24 - July 28 in Seville, Spain at the TTU Center with Dr. Guengrich

All applications are due March 30, 2012.


Studying abroad in Germany was a great way to grow as a person, travel, and earn college credit all at the same time. It was a very rewarding experience and I cannot explain how much studying abroad improved my German.

- Flor Castellanos


In my opinion, studying abroad is the best way to become culturally aware, understand your own language, and learn a new one.

- Kara Zwart


Anthony Latta

Anthony Latta
Graduated from Texas Tech in
2002 with a BA in Russian Language
and Area Studies.
Currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya
where he is the finance director
at Chemonics International.

As TTU’s first recipient of the National Security Education Program (NSEP) scholarship and recipient of the Gilman International Scholarship Program scholarship for study abroad, Anthony Latta was able to fulfill his dream of living and working in Russia. He says, “because of CMLL, specifically the faculty, in the RLAS department (notably Dr. Qualin and Dr. Collopy) that I studied abroad and also applied for the NSEP scholarship.” After successful completion of his one year study abroad experience in Moscow, doors opened for work as a journalist, translator and English teacher in Moscow.

Russian language skills, academic achievements and project management experience brought advancement to Anthony. After earning a MA in international affairs at the American University in D.C., and completing an internship in Tbilisi, Georgia which turned into a position as a program assistant at the Transnational Crime and Research Center with projects in Kiev, Ukraine, Tbilisi, Georgia and Saratov and Vladivostok, Russia. More advancement came when he was employed by Chemonics International, one of the largest USAI implementing partners both for profit and non-profit. “Every time I receive a promotion or a new assignment, I can look back and say, “I got this because I studied Russian.”

His advice to current TTU students is to have a dual major or a major in a profession, for example, accounting, economics, finance, etc coupled with a foreign language or a minor in a foreign language because it is not only “a great resume booster “ but it can help you get a job where you can travel the world.”


I would like to comment on the quality of education we have received at CMLL. Going through on-job orientation and faculty development trainings I fully realize and appreciate the solid background that CMLL gave us at Texas Tech. Thank you -- Anna Morton, Assistant Professor at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA.

The Interesting thing in this departments is that we have student from all over the universe...CMLL is a mini UN. Every morning I greet my colleagues saying, “Salam, Bonjour, Hola, etc” It’s AWESOME! - Ayman Amin GPTI Applied Linguistics/Arabic instructor

StudentsStudents 2


Research has shown many positive effect of technology in terms of language learning. Here at CMLL, we really need to update our Language Lab to more effectively promote language & culture learning. As part of a project to find a grant to help update our Lab, the Fall 2011 LING 5325 class (with Dr. Borst) conducted a department-wide online survey to learn about needs of our faculty & students. We received responses from 1014 students, 40 CMLL faculty/instructors, and 5 Lab staff. 89% of instructors stated that they use technology for teaching on a daily basis, and the majority is open to changes and improvements. Instructors’ wishes for the lab included: technology training for instructors, better-equipped classrooms, software for conducting research, and current materials & software for all languages.

Students’ responses showed that they wanted three main things in a language lab: (1) a relaxed atmosphere with social opportunities to interact with native speakers (social media, news media from the country of origin for the target language, video access to native speakers), (2) updated and functional equipment, and (3) knowledgeable staff and tutors available in the lab.

We also studied language labs around the country that have successfully integrated the needs of students and instructors into a dynamic, functional facility. We believe it is possible and important to update & create such a facility at CMLL! We are continuing to work on submitting a grant proposal by Fall 2012.

For comments or questions contact Stefanie Borst.

Construction of the new Digital Humanities Lab is underway with the renovation of classroom 022.

DH LabDH Lab 2
Lab Research

new staff
Carla Burrus Carla Burrus

She earned a BS in Education at McMurry Univ. & a MA in French at TTU. She has lived extensively in France and currently does educational development in rural Haiti and various projects in France.

Lloyd Allred Lloyd Allred
Supervisor - Business Manager

He earned a BS in Accounting & a BA in Spanish at UK. He has lived a couple of years in Mexico and was previously employed by the State of Texas.


Eligible students are encouraged to take advantage of the excellent opportunities presented by these scholarships which encompass undergraduate, graduate and study abroad studies. (see the Study Abroad article for information about SAB).

Language Learning Lab:
The Learning Language Lab expansion. (see the Language Lab article for more information)

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