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Study Abroad Showcase – 2016 TTU Faculty-led Programs

Classics – Summer 2: July 12-August 12, 2016 for Archaeology in Italy


Join an archaeological excavation of a Roman town in northern Italy! Located along an important trade route, Libarna was first settled in the 6th Century BCE by the Liguri, an indigenous Gallic people in northern Italy. Later becoming a Roman colony in the 2nd Century BCE, the visible remains of the colony include a theater, a bath complex, a forum, an amphitheater, and urban blocks.

This is a multi-year project with plans for expansion in the future. The first phase involves a geophysical survey of the site followed by a continued survey and excavations of a domestic quarter. The program is open to all Texas Tech students with a good attitude and a sense of adventure! No excavation experience necessary. Students will earn 6 credit hours at the 4000 + level.

For program details and how to apply: CMLL Classics Study Abroad

French – Summer 1: June 3-July 3, 2016 in Reims, France


The Reims-based study abroad program offers TTU students an opportunity to live in a beautiful French university town and take French classes taught by Texas Tech professor, Carole Edwards. Students will live in the International Center and have access to the student cafeteria for meals. Pre-requisite is completion of French first year. The program is open to all Texas Tech students.

Students will earn 6 hours of credit at the appropriate level which count towards the foreign language general education requirement, and the French major and minor.

German – Summer 1: May 29-June 30, 2016 in Munich, Germany


The Munich-based study abroad program offers TTU students the opportunity to immerse themselves in German in one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich German cities. Students will take language and culture courses and will live with families who provide breakfast and dinner.
Students will earn 3 credit hours from a culture course taught by Texas Tech professor, Anita McChesney and 3 credit hours of a language course at the students' levels (second year and beyond) at a foreign institution. The program is open to all Texas Tech students who have completed at least GERM 1502 or 1507 by the end of the spring semester prior to studying abroad.

For full details and how to apply: CMLL GERMAN Study Abroad

Italian – Summer 1: May 23-June25, 2016 in Tuscania, Italy


This Tuscan-based study abroad program offers students the opportunity to study Italian in an immersive environment. Students will participate in Italian at the Lorenzo de 'Medici facility in Tuscania, Italy in addition to taking a Texas Tech class lead by a Texas Tech faculty, a native of Italy.
Students will be able to earn a total of 9 credit hours from: 3 hours from Texas Tech ITAL 4300: Italian Life and Culture (taught in English) and 6 credit hours from the Lorenzo de'Medici Italian Institute. For students completing a minor in Italian, these credits could apply to the minor. The program is open to all Texas Tech students.

For more information and how to apply: CMLL ITALIAN Study Abroad

Mexico Field Course – Summer 1: May 28-July 1, 2016 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico


Texas Tech and the CMLL Spanish program are thrilled to offer the Mexico Field Course (MFC) again after a very successful restart in Summer 2015. This excellent program, which has been around for over 46 years, provides a fast-paced, well-balanced experience, including total immersion while living with a host Mexican family in San Luis Potosí; Spanish language tutors provided as a part of the language courses; opportunities to attend theater, movies, concerts, and sporting events; visits and stays at historical and archaeological sites in Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Playa del Carmen and the pyramids of CHICHEN ITZA; and six hours of upper-level Spanish (3300 and/or 4300) toward a minor or major.

Spanish – Summer 1: May 19 - June 28, 2016 in Seville, Spain
Summer 2: June 23 - July 31, 2016 in Seville, Spain


Texas Tech University is offering a unique opportunity for students to live, learn, travel and enjoy the life, culture, and Spanish language during long semesters, or during the summer program, in Sevilla. Spanish course credit may be earned at the lower-level (first and second year), upper level (third and fourth year), and at the 5000-level (or graduate). The program is directed and the courses taught by Texas Tech University Spanish professors.

For program details and how to apply: CMLL Spanish Study Abroad

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