Texas Tech University

ITA Workshop


ITA January Special Assessment Testing Held for Newly Arriving Spring International Teaching Assistants


On January 8th, a group of newly arriving international teaching assistant candidates were given a special assessment of English proficiency skills for the purpose of approval to teach beginning in the spring semester. Departments who profited from this assessment opportunity included: Industrial Engineering, Math, Biology, Geosciences, CMLL, Plant Soil & Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemistry.

Information Session/Reception for the International Teaching Assistant Program Held at the International Cultural Center



On February 26th, an information session and reception for the International Teaching Assistant Program as held at the International Cultural Center. Attendees included graduate advisors and departmental support staff in Economics, Biology, Math, and Soil Science, among others. ITA program staff and six summer workshop instructors were on hand to talk with department representatives. The session was part of an ongoing effort to establish the ITA program and the summer workshop as an essential component in the professional success of international graduate students at Texas Tech, and ultimately, the success of Tech undergraduates.

New Initiatives for the 2014 ITA Program

The ITA Program under the direction of Dr. Greta Gorsuch has taken initiatives to bring awareness to the program's development.

The International Teaching Assistant Workshop website has been expanded to include important information regarding the history and mandated purpose of the workshop, content and evaluation procedures, Skype interview assessment, ITA Workshop calendar, registration, housing, and special pages for faculty and department advisors and students. Please visit the website at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/classic_modern/ita/index.php.

A unique website introducing International Teaching Assistant workshop staff has been unveiled at: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/classic_modern/ita/italeaders.php. The website includes photographs and individual audio messages from each staff member of the workshop.



Pre-ITA Workshop Skype Interview Assessments

For the second consecutive year, Skype Interviews were held in the Arts & Sciences Conference room for newly arriving international students across all disciplines whose English proficiency skills were assessed. Due to the number of students possessing high levels of English proficiency skills, 4 separate interview assessments were held on May 2th, 5th and June 4th, 6th. The objective of this interview is to identify newly arriving students whose English proficiency meets the required standard for approval to teach and would be likely be exempted from attending the ITA Summer Workshop.