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Classics Archaeology Day


On April 4th Classics Program hosted an AIA Classics Outreach Day where 80-100 local High school students visited campus and learned more about CMLL and Classical world. They got to participate in archaeology fair, hear a lecture by our visiting speaker Dr. Huntley, visit Special Collections with Bruce Cammack, and tour campus. All in all it was a great success- the students enjoyed the day and the AIA and CMLL was featured prominently hopefully creating further opportunities for outreach and local student retention in the future.


Students walked in a procession from the United Spirit Arena to the Media and Communication building, stopped for a few minutes and listened to Dr. Kelly introduce them to some opening lines from Greek and Latin epic poetry, before they went to hear Dr. Huntley's lecture on Roman graffiti.

Texas Tech University's O.L. Slaton Middle School College and Career Fair


On April 24th, CMLL participated in the Texas Tech University College and Career Fair at O.L. Slaton Middle School. Approximately 400 students attended the fair and engaged in CMLL language activities while learning about the many languages offered at Texas Tech.