Texas Tech University

Meet the CMLL Admin Team

Theresa Madrid: Administrative Assistant

Areas of Responsibility

  • Employment Services Coordinator
    • HR Paperwork for New Hires
    • Update HR forms for current employees
    • I-9 Verification
    • ePAFs
    • Payroll
    • Additional payments for extra work
  • Award Scholarships
  • Appointments for Department Chair
  • Oversee and hire Student Assistants
  • Assign office/cubicle spaces
  • Order keys
  • Departmental events
Jean Luc Meow Meow Le Chat and Theresa

Personal Information

Theresa is a Texas Tech graduate (Fall 2004) with a BA in English and a minor in Art Photography. She joined the CMLL Admin Team in July 2009. Although she was born in Seattle, she was raised in Tucumcari, New Mexico where her parents still reside. She has a younger sister, Martha and two lovely and intelligent daughters, Karissa, who attends Texas State University in San Marcos double majoring in Psychology and Anthropology, and Caitlin, who attends Lubbock High School and is enrolled in its IB Program.

In her spare time, Theresa enjoys the cinema, reading, enjoying art, having tea, margarita breakfasts, camping and spending time with family and friends. In reality, her spare time is spent cleaning, running errands and doing laundry, none of which she enjoys with the exception of vacuuming.

Theresa's favorite aspect of working in CMLL is that she actually works in a global community and is able to experience so many different languages and cultures daily—and Taco Tuesdays with Mrs. Santos and Mr. Lemon.