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Most CMLL faculty research focuses on the literature and/or cultures of language countries or areas; additional areas include Second Language Acquisition; Applied Linguistics; pedagogy; testing; assessment; and the use of technology in language learning. CMLL faculty are prolific and publish in the best venues. Our research stature is reflected by multiple book series edited, memberships on editorial boards, and several journals edited. In addition, a number of CMLL faculty (some award-winning) write poetry, short stories, novels, or plays.

Amplified Overview

Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition: Major research initiatives focus on Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics, pedagogy, testing, assessment, and the use of technology in language learning. Resources include a language lab, distance-ed seminar room, and smart classrooms.

Literature and Culture: Most CMLL faculty research focuses on the literature and/or cultures of language countries or areas. Our faculty members are quite prolific, publishing in the best venues; multiple book series edited and memberships on editorial boards, and journals edited: The American Journal of Philology , Intertexts and Monographic Review , and the graduate student journal Céfiro . We host frequent cultural events and conferences, including the annual Céfiro conference.

Interdisciplinary: Faculty work in the following areas: Comparative Literature, Ethnic Studies, Latin America and Iberian Studies, Linguistics, Russian Language & Area Studies, and Women's Studies.

Prizes and Honors: CMLL faculty and as an academic department have received numerous awards, spanning excellence in research, excellence in teaching, and service to university students. Some recent examples include:

  • Dr. Genaro Perez, Barnie E. Rushing, Jr. Faculty Distinguished Research Award, 2013
    Texas Tech University - President's Faculty Book Award, 2012
  • Dr. Chris Bains, Texas Tech Alumni Association New Faculty Award, 2011
  • Dr. Carmen Pereira-Muro, President's Excellence in Teaching Award, 2010
  • Dr. Stefanie Borst, Spencer A. Wells Award for Creativity in Teaching, 2009
  • Dr. John Beusterien, President’s Book Award, 2008

Journals and Book Series Edited and Editorial Boards: Please see the CMLL Journals page regarding the several high-profile journals hosted by the department. In addition, there have been several book series authored by CMLL faculty, and a number of faculty have served or are serving on editorial boards.

To learn more about undergraduate research opportunities and resources available, please visit the Center for Active Learning & Undergraduate Engagement.


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