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Applied Linguistics/SLS General Area(s) of Research
Borst, Stefanie, Associate Professor German Linguistics
Corbett, Stephen, Assistant Professor Applied Linguistics
Elola, Idoia, Associate Professor Spanish Linguistics
Farley, Andrew, Associate Professor Applied Linguistics
Gorsuch, Greta, Associate Professor Applied Linguistics, ESL
Griffee, Dale, Instructor Applied Linguistics, ESL
Price, Joseph, Assistant Professor French, French Linguistics
Classics General Area(s) of Research
Larmour, David, Horn Professor Classics
Lavigne, Donald, Associate Professor Classics
Suppe, Frederick, Professor Classics
Witmore, Christopher, Associate Professor Classical Archaeology
French & Italian (with Arabic) General Area(s) of Research
Bains, Christopher, Assistant Professor French
Edwards, Carole, Associate Professor French, Francophone Studies
Price, Joseph, Assistant Professor French, Language Pedagogy
Surliuga, Victoria, Assistant Professor Italian
German General Area(s) of Research
Borst, Stefanie, Associate Professor German, German Linguistics
Grair, Charles, Associate Professor German
McChesney, Anita, Assistant Professor German
Russian & Eastern Languages General Area(s) of Research
Collopy, Erin, Associate Professor/Associate Chair Russian
Qualin, Anthony, Associate Professor Russian
Spanish & Portuguese General Area(s) of Research
Beusterien, John, Associate Professor Spanish
Cole, George, Associate Professor Spanish, Spanish Theatre
Corbett, Stephen, Assistant Professor Spanish, Spanish Linguistics
Elola, Idoia, Associate Professor Spanish, Spanish Linguistics
Guengerich, Sara, Assistant Professor Spanish, Colonial
Ladeira, Antonio, Associate Professor Spanish, Portuguese
Pereira-Muro, Carmen, Associate Professor Spanish
Pérez, Genaro, Professor Spanish
Pérez, Julian, Professor Spanish
Scarborough, Connie, Professor Spanish, Medieval
Stratton, Lorum, Associate Professor Spanish, Linguistics
Zamora, Jorge, Associate Professor Spanish