Individual Faculty Research Profile—Carmen Pereira-Muro, Ph.D.

Literature and Culture Research Interests

  • 18th- and 19th-century studies, with a focus on questions of gender and nationalism
  • Spanish Realist Novel
  • Emilia Pardo Bazán
  • Transatlantic Studies
  • Galician Studies
  • Poetry

Language teaching

  • Spanish Intermediate Language Courses. Coordinator for SPAN 3305, Intermediate Spanish Grammar

Journals and Book Series Edited, and Editorial Board Memberships

  • Letras Femeninas
  • Céfiro

Prizes and Honors

  • Nominated for Diversity Award 2006
  • Nominated for Hemphill Wells New Professor Excellence in Teaching 2007
  • Nominated for the President's Excellence in Teaching Award 2008

Internal Funding of any sort

  • Spring Research Enrichment Fund. Amount granted (12,000 $), 2009
  • Arts and Humanities Research Travel Award, Texas Tech University ($983), 2007
  • Arts and Humanities Research Award, Texas Tech University ($3600), 2007
  • Texas Tech University Humanity Fellowship ($10,000), 2005