Individual Faculty Research Profile—Idoia Elola, Ph.D.

Literature and Culture Research Interests

Her research focuses prominently on second language writing with emphasis on feedback and revision, collaborative writing through the use of social web technologies and issues of writing fluency and grammar among Spanish heritage speakers. Specializations are:

  • The Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • L2 Writing & Second Language Acquisition
  • L2 Writing & Technology
  • L2 Writing & Spanish Heritage Speakers
  • Theoretical and Research Foundations of Second Language Teaching
  • Spanish Applied Linguistics
  • Spanish Linguistics

Projects in progress:

  • Impact of feedback in foreign language students' writing.  
  • Heritage Learners' writing processes: Observing writers while composing.
  • ¿Qué pasó con mi gente? Triangulated identities among Spanish Heritage Learners studying abroad in Spain.

Prizes and Honors

  • 2008 Texas Tech Alumni Association New Faculty Award.
  • 2007 Recipient of the ACTFL-MLJ Emma Marie Birkmaier Award for Doctoral
  • Dissertation Research in Foreign Language Education.

Last attended Conferences


  • 2009 Promoting FL collaborative writing though the use of Web 2.0 tools. Second Language Writing Symposium, Tempe, Arizona. [with A. Oskoz]
  • 2009 Taking Time Out to Write: Intrasentential Pauses in the Composing Process of Heritage Learners of Spanish. Second Language Writing Symposium, Tempe, Arizona. [with A. Mikulski]
  • 2009 Fostering discourse level awareness among FL writers through collaborative work when using Web 2.0 tools. SLRF, Michigan [with A. Oskoz]
  • 2009 Pedagogical shifts in FL writing: enhancing students' writing with wikis. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages annual conference, San Diego [with A. Oskoz]
  • 2009 Composing in a foreign language: Using wikis and chats to enhance students' collaborative writing. The American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Denver, Colorado. [with A. Oskoz]
  • 2009 A matter of time: Spanish heritage language learners' writing fluency, planning, and composing in English and Spanish. The American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Denver, Colorado. [with A. Mikulski]
  • 2008 Heritage- and Foreign-Language Learner Use of the Subjunctive in Advice. Second Language Research Forum, Manoa, Hawai'i. [with A. Mikulski]
  • 2008 Bimodal Approaches: Combining Wikis and Chats for L2 Collaborative Writing . Second Language Research Forum, Manoa, Hawai'i. [with A. Oskoz]
  • 2008 Writing Collaboratively: Using Wikis in the Foreign Language Classroom. Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium ( CALICO), San Francisco, CA. [with A. Oskoz]
  • 2007 Promoting Successful Revision in L2 Writing: The Role of Teacher Feedback . American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages annual conference, Nashville. [with J. Liskin-Gasparro]
  • 2007 Collaborations: How a Creative writing professor and a Spanish Composition professor integrate pedagogy and materials across disciplines. Cincinnati Romance Languages and Literatures Conference. [with C. Bauer]


  • 2009 Developing a community of inquiry in lower-level courses: Creating a cognitively-engaged social community. EUROCALL, Valencia, Spain [with A. Oskoz]
  • 2007 Students' voices: their perceptions on Spanish L2 writing and reading. School of Languages International Conference on Foreign Language Education. Sabanci University. Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 2007 Online dictionaries: Vocabulary use while revising Spanish compositions. Tenth biennial University of Seville Conference on Applied Linguistics (ELIA). Issues in teaching, learning, and using vocabulary in an L2 (English/Spanish). University of Seville, Spain. [with V. Rodriguez & K. Winfrey].
  • 2006 Camtasia: a novel tool to research vocabulary retention and writing acquisition. EUROCALL, Granada, Spain. [with L. Provaznikova]
  • 2006 Spanish As A Foreign Language: Issues In The Acquisition Of Writing. The American Association of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) 88th Annual Conference. Salamanca, Spain.
  • 2005 Communication Failure? What and how much students understand of the teacher's written feedback? International Society of Language Studies Conference, Montreal, Canada.

External Funding

  • Invitation by the organization of a colloquium on Jorge de Sena (an author of the Portuguese diaspora in the US) to present a paper at the ‘University of Massachusetts-Amherst'.An honorarium, travel and lodging expenses in the amount of $1,700 was paid by the organization. April 2008.
  • Invitation to present talk . Invited speaker for the ‘Advanced (Charla) Seminar Series' at the ‘Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies' at Michigan State University. A $250 honorarium and travel and lodging expenses up to $850 were provided by the organization. March 2008.
  • Fundação Luso-Americana Para o Desenvolvimento/Luso-American Development Foundation . (Grant to support travel to San Diego to present a paper at the Annual Meeting of the “American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese”). August 2007. $900
  • Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal/National Library of Portugal (Grant for conducting Research on the Portuguese writer Eça de Queirós at Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal – 2007). $3,000
  • Kempf Fund at Yale University (Subsidy for the organization of a conference on Portuguese-American Literature). Yale University. 2001-02. $7,000.
  • Instituto-Camões/Camoens Institute : Financial Support for “The First One Hundred Years: An International Conference on the literature of the Portuguese Diaspora in the US and Canada” (Yale Univ.; 2001) and “Brazilian Novelists of Brazil and Portugal”.Yale Univ. 2002. $3,000
  • Fundação Luso-Americana Para o Desenvolvimento/Luso-American Development Foundation . Portugal . Merit Based Scholarship Competition for Doctoral Research in the USA. (National Scholarship Competition). 1993-94 $10,000
  • Graduate Division at UCSB . Travel Grant to present an invited paper in Portugal at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Organized by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. 1996 $600