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Dr. Susan Larson

Qualia Professor of Spanish
Ph.D., University of Arizona


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My research lies at the intersection of Literary, Film and Urban Studies.

Research Interests

  • Urban Studies
  • Cultural Geography and Spatial Theory
  • Theories of Representation
  • The Historical Avant-Garde
  • Spanish Film
  • Contemporary Spanish Literature

Recent Graduate Seminars

  • Hispanic Urban Cultural Studies; Cultural Resistance in Social Space; The Death of the Novel in the Age of the Internet; The 'Other' Generation of 27; Advanced Readings in Critical Theory; The Democratization of Culture

Recent Undergraduate Courses

  • Hispanic Cities; Hispanic Kentucky; Spanish Cinema; U.S. Latino Politics and Culture; Space, Place and Culture; The Culture of European Cities

Selected Publications

Recent Articles, Book Chapters, and Radio Documentary Collaboration
  • "Urbanism, Architecture and la Movida madrileña." In Back to the Future: Towards a Cultural Archive of la Movida. Ed. H. Rosi Song and William Nichols. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2013. 181-201.
  • "Hacia una geografía cultural urbana: Madrid 1925-1936." Revista Arte y Ciudad Número Extraordinario 3.1 (2013): 59-78. Actas de las V Jornadas Internacionales de Investigación Arte y Ciudad Grupo Arte, Arquitectura y Comunicación en la Ciudad Contemporánea de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • "La Ciutat Jardí en USA: La propuesta urbana de Cebrià de Montoliu para Fairhope (Alabama)." Volume accompanying the exhibit Diseñar América. El trazado español de los Estados Unidos housed at the Spanish National Library. Belén López-Laguna and Andrés Rodríguez, eds. Madrid: Fundación Consejo España, 2014. 122-133.
  • "Notes on the Renegotiation of a Hispanic Studies Canon." Co-authored with Benjamin Fraser and Malcolm Compitello. ADFL Bulletin 43.1 (2014): 77-90.
  • "The Spanish Avant-Garde Novel: New Concepts of Aesthetic and Social Engagement." In A History of the Spanish Novel. Ed. J.G. Ardila. Oxford University Press, 2015. 357-75.
  • "Perspective and the Language of Architecture in Rosa Chacel's 'Relación de un arquitecto.'" In Otra historia. Estudios sobre arquitectura y urbanismo en honor a Carlos Sambricio. Juan Calatrava, Carmen Díez Medina, Salvador Guerrero and Ricardo Sánchez Lampreave, eds. Madrid: Lampreave, 2015. 356-67.
  • "La Luna." Radio documentary collaboration with London-based Radio Wolfgang. Produced by Olivia Humphries and David Owen with Tono Martínez and Ouka Lele, 2016.
    Listen here.
  • "Cultivating the Square: Trash, Recycling and the Cultural Ecology of Post-Crisis Madrid." Co-authored with Matthew I. Feinberg. In Ethics of Life: Contemporary Iberian Debates. Hispanic Issues Series Vol. 42. Katarzyna Beilin and Willian Viestenz, eds. Nashville: Vanderbilt UP, 2016. 113-142.
  • "The Ecological Imperative of Urban Cultural Studies." Summary and Position Paper. In A Polemical Companion to Ethics of Life: Contemporary Iberian Debates. Vol. 7. On-line open forum for discussion of essays. View here.
  • "Unreadable Bodies and Symbolic Violence in Antonio de Obregón's Hermes en la vía pública." Mannequins, Machines and Mutilations: The Avant-Garde Body in Spain and Italy. Nicolás Fernández-Medina and María Truglio, eds. New York: Routledge, 2016. 54-74.
  • "Kiosk Literature as a Geography of Cultural Objects." in Kiosk Literature of Silver Age Spain: Modernity and Mass Culture." Jeff Zamostny and Susan Larson, eds. Intellect Books. Forthcoming.
  • "The Pedagogy and Politics of 21st-Century Luso-Hispanic Urban Cultural Studies." Special 100th Anniversary Volume of Hispania. Forthcoming.
  • "La gramática de la 'Hispanidad': Retórica de imperio y arquitectura historicista en los discursos públicos de J.C. Nichols." Bulletin d'Histoire Contemporaine de l'Espagne. Forthcoming.

Co-edited with Jeff Zamostny
Intellect Books distributed by the U of Chicago Press, 2016

La Casa de la Riqueza. Estudios de Cultura de España series,
Volume 20
Madrid: Vervuert / Iberoamericana, 2011

Co-edited with Eva Woods Peiró
Oxford: Berg Press, 2005

Critical Editions
  • Quiero vivir mi vida. Edition of the 1931 Carmen de Burgos novel. Stockcero, 2009.
  • La rampa. Edition of the 1917 Carmen de Burgos novel. Stockcero, 2006.

Editorial Positions

Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies
Senior Editor

Hispanic Urban Studies
Palgrave-Macmillan Book Series Co-Editor

Dissertations Defended

Eating Spain: Discourses of National Cuisine Since 1900
Matthew J. Wild (2015)

Ekphrasis and Avant-Garde Prose in 1920s Spain
Brian Cole (2015)

Whiteness and Spanish Empire in Spanish Narrative
José María Pérez Sánchez (2016)

Recent Invited Lectures

  • "Cultural Studies Research Methodologies and Publication Opportunities." Invited Plenary Lecture. 1st International Meeting of Young Researchers on Heritage – PatrimoniUN10. The International University of Andalucía, Antonio Machado Campus (Baeza). November 20, 2014.
  • "The Ciutat Jardí Meets Alabama: Cebrià de Montoliu's City Plan of 1921." Designing America Lecture. SPAIN arts & culture. Spanish Embassy, Washington, DC. January 23, 2016.
  • "'Unreadable Bodies' in Spanish Avant-Garde Prose."" The Aesthetics of Youth in Modernist Spain Colloquium, Yale University. November 5, 2016.
  • "Libros de piedra y prácticas del espacio: Cómo analizar la narrativa urbana."" Invited Lecture. College of Architecture. University of Zaragoza. November 24, 2016.

Organized Symposia

  • Science and Technology in Spanish Culture from 1900 to 1936, March 3, 2011.
  • Hispanic Cartographic Imaginaries Graduate Student Symposium and Spatial Theory Workshop, April 4, 2014.
  • Hispanic Urban Cultural Studies Graduate Student Symposium, April 6, 2015.