Portuguese 5355 - Introduction to Fernando Pessoa

Dr. Antonio Ladeira

TR 9:30-10:50
FL 255

This course consists of an introduction to some of the main works of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. The course will focus on his poetry, fictional prose, and theatre. Fernando Pessoa is considered one of the most influential figures of European Modernism.

The author will be studied in the larger context of Portuguese and European Modernism. Pessoa’s contemporaries such as Mário de Sá-Carneiro, Luís de Montalvor and Almada Negreiros; along with literary journals such as Orpheu and Contemporânea will be featured.

Topics include: Nationalities, Nationalisms, and Dictatorships, Race and Empire, Gender and Genre problems and considerations, Modernism and Avant-Guards, Art-for-Art sake vs. Engagée movements, Early twentieth-century culture, Comparative Modernisms in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and Latin-America.

Predominant theoretical approaches will privilege cultural studies/gender studies/Post-colonial studies, although students may pursue any other theoretical orientations.

The class will be conducted in Portuguese.

It serves the Portuguese minor for MA/PhD students in Spanish.
Requirements: completion of Portuguese 5341 or instructor’s authorization.

Books by Fernando Pessoa:

  • Eu profundo e os outros Eus. (anthology of poetry)
  • Marinheiro. (theatre)
  • Banqueiro Anarquista. (novella)
  • Livro do Desassossego. (fiction)