SPAN 5374 - Nineteenth-Century Spanish American Literature

Dr. Julián Pérez
6:00 – 8:50 Tu

A comprehensive study of the principal literary currents, authors, and works of the nineteenth century. In this course we will study a selection of authors from the nineteenth century. The majority of the books included are part of the Masters reading list in the area. We will discuss the authors, their time period, and analyze the books from a socio-political and cultural perspective. Students will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas and participate actively in class discussions. They will complete one oral presentation, one written exam, and a term paper during the semester.

Required Books:

  • Bolívar, “Carta de Jamaica”, “Discurso de Angostura”
  • Heredia, Poesías
  • Gertrudis G. de Avellaneda, Sab (Cátedra)
  • Echeverría, “El matadero” (Cátedra)
  • Altamirano, Poesías
  • Sarmiento, Facundo
  • Hernández, Martín Fierro
  • Clorinda Matto de Turner, Aves sin nido