SPAN 5361 - Medieval Literature (The Funny Middle Ages)

Dr. Connie Scarbourough
TU 6:00 – 8:50
FL 106

This course will put to rest the idea that the Middle Ages were dark, violent, and primitive and that Medieval literature is boring and inaccessible. We will study in depth, instances of mirth, laughter, bawdy humor, and jokes in selected works from Medieval Spain. We will also study major theorists who have written about humor, including Freud, Bergson, Ménard, Le Goff, and Adolf. Selections from Poema del Cid, Libro de buen amor, Celestina, Milagros de Nuestra Señora, El conde Lucano, Cantigas de Santa Maria, El corbacho, and Cárcel de amor. Although esthetic sensibilities may have changed, what makes us laugh seems to endure as this course will show.