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MA Spanish - Reading Lists


Peninsular: Medieval

Peninsular: Golden Age

Peninsular: 18th-19th Century

*For your M.A. exam, you must read either La Regenta or Fortunata y Jacinta. If you read La Regenta, then you may read Galdós’ short story “La novela en el tranvía” instead of Fortunata y Jacinta, and viceversa, if you read Fortunata then you may choose one of Clarín’s short stories instead of La Regenta.

Peninsular: 20th-21st Century

Latin American

Latin American: Colonial

Periodo precolombino

Periodo colonial

Colonial Appendix

19th Century Spanish American Literature

Latin American: Modernism-c. 1950

Latin American: c. 1950-Present

Latin American: U.S. Latino Literature


Required for All

Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition

Specialization: History of the Spanish Language

Specialization: Phonetics and Phonology

Specialization: Morphology and Syntax

Specialization: Sociolinguistics and Dialectology

Reference Books