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Vietnamese Language & Area Studies

The Vietnamese language is the official language in Vietnam and is spoken by about 78 million Vietnamese in Vietnam and about 2 millions Vietnamese living oversea.

Vietnamese language instruction at TTU is largely in support of the Vietnamese Center and Archive.

In an effort to preserve the record for future generations, The Vietnam Archive collects materials related to the experiences of people involved in the Wars in Southeast Asia. In addition to collecting materials related to the American experience in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, The Vietnam Archive also collects material related to the North and South Vietnamese as well as Allies who fought along side each nation. While much attention is given to the military and diplomatic aspects of the war, The Vietnam Archive also strives to preserve the record of people indirectly involved in the conflict and active on the home front.

Currently, The Vietnam Archive has over 4 million pages of hard copy (approximately 350,000 documents) in its manuscript and personal papers collections, approximately 2.5 million pages in its microform collections, over 2,000 maps, 55,000 images (photos and slides), 10,000 periodicals, 5,000 newsletters, 2,300 audio/visual titles, and 300 oral history interviews related to wartime experiences in Southeast Asia.

TTU offers one repeatable individual studies course in Vietnamese. Through repeated taking of that course it is possible to obtain fluency in Vietnamese in an individualized instruction mode.

Because of the French colonial presence in Vietnam, Vietnamese is a natural adjunct to the study of French especially for those going into Francophone studies focusing on Southeast Asia.

These courses also can prepare you for exotic and exciting study-abroad opportunities.


Khanh Le
Associate Director of Vietnamese Affairs
The Vietnam Center


  • VIET 4300: Individual Problems in Vietnamese

Vietnamese Courses in TTU Course Catalog