Texas Tech University


International Conference ICCES'16

September 5-9, 2016
Madeira, Portugal

ICCES2016 is being held in Madeira, Portugal, during September 5-9, 2016. This conference will bring international researchers from academia, industry, and government together to discuss recent advances in computational and experimental engineering & sciences, and to facilitate collaborative research efforts.

Previous ICCES conferences were held at:Reno, USA (2015), Changwon, Korea (2014), Seattle, USA (2013), Crete, Greece (2012), Nanjing, China (2011), Las Vegas, USA (2010), Phuket, Thailand (2009), Honolulu, USA (2008); Miami, USA (2007); Chennai, India (2005); Madeira, Portugal(2004); Corfu, Greece(2003); Reno, NV(2002); Puerto Vallarta, Mexico(2001); Los Angeles(2000); Atlanta(1998); Costa Rica (1997); Hawaii(1995); Hong Kong (1992); Melbourne, Australia(1991); Atlanta(1988); Tokyo(1986).

For more details, please visit the ICCES Conference Website: http://www.icces.org