International Experience Initiative

International Experience Initiative

The Opportunity

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live in another country? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to experience a culture as a local student and not as a temporary tourist? Do you envision taking your engineering skills around the world once you graduate? Need a change of scenery? As a student, you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to study abroad and experience the thrill of exploring another country and culture. As a future engineer, you will be part of an ever-increasing international profession where employers seek applicants who possess an awareness of global business practices, cross-cultural communication skills, language fluency, and the ability to thrive in any environment.

The Whitacre College of Engineering is committed to providing our students with quality international engineering experiences that prepare them to work in a global environment. In addition to increasing students' global perspectives, an international experience will be one of the most fun and memorable times in their lives. It's never too early to start thinking about where you want to go, so plan ahead and make the most of it!

International Experience Initiative

In order to prepare our graduates for the ever-changing global landscape, all undergraduates (starting with the Fall Class of 2013) are required to have an international experience.

The international experience requirement can be fulfilled by:

The Whitacre College of Engineering will continue to offer a broad range of flexible programs that accommodate each student's interest, goals, and personal situation. Our goal is to prepare every student for a job market that is increasingly becoming more international and competitive.

International Experience Exemption

We have established an International Experience Exemption Form for students who meet certain conditions that allow them to opt out of the international experience requirement. Students must complete the attached form and send it to Allison Wright, coordinator of international programs, at Approval of the exemption is subject to committee review.

International Experience Substitution

Students who participate in an international program that is not offered through Texas Tech — but wish to seek credit for their international experience — must complete a detailed report documenting their activity abroad. Students must follow the guidelines listed in the  International Experience Substitution Guidelines and reports will be graded using the International Experience Substitution Grading Rubric. Students will be assigned a grade and must achieve a C or higher to receive credit. Students' international experience must contain the same number of contact hours that they would gain from a 3 hour class at Texas Tech University. Completed reports should be submitted to Allison Wright, coordinator of international programs, at

Make the Most of It!

Of course, studying abroad isn't simply the chance of a lifetime because of the opportunities to improve you skills and résumé. It is also an opportunity to have new experiences, meet new people, and just have a good time. We encourage everyone to travel and have fun during their stay abroad. All of our faculty-directed programs include cultural and business trips as well as time to travel in the schedule, and we encourage students who aren't participating in a faculty-directed program to make the most of their travel time. You can check out our photo gallery to see some of the pictures that past students have taken. You can also contact the Engineering Opportunities Center to find out more about any of the programs and locations where our students travel. Remember that this is your window of opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime, so make the most of it! Be adventurous and challenge yourself!

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