Microsoft Lync Phone System

Using Lync and Your New Telephone

During the next few months, the Whitacre College of Engineering will switch to the new digital telephone system based on Microsoft Lync's software, as part of the larger Texas Tech University conversion project. While this means some changes and a little learning, most people find they like the new system.

You will need the latest version of the Lync software, which is available at Raiderlink. This will replace older versions of Microsoft's messaging clients. Lync integrates your phone, email, messaging, and video conferences into one compact program. You now use Microsoft Outlook contacts and the Texas Tech Directory as your address books, which makes it much easier to connect to people on and off campus. Your voicemails will appear in both Lync and Outlook. Text conversations will be saved in Outlook.

Your current telephone will be replaced with a Polycom phone that connects to your computer. The face of the phone will reflect your current Outlook/Lync status and will change to "Busy" when a meeting comes up or "Away" if you log off or lock your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make international calls?

Contact IT Help Central for the forms, which will require Dean or Chair approval.

My phone isn't working properly!

If your phone is not working or the text on the LCD is scrambled, pull the phone's USB plug, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.

Who do I contact to get another phone?

The Department or College will need to purchase it. Please contact Engineering Computing Services (COE Support) at or by phone at 806.742.3453, and we will get the process started.

I'm new, how do I set up my phone?

If you are a new employee, your PAF must have completely processed and the Enterprise Voice entry must show in your Raiderlink page:
Enterprise Voice - Activation Screenshot

  • Click the edit button and activate your voice account. For full instructions, click here.
  • You are always welcome to contact Engineering Computing Services (COE Support) at or by phone at 806.742.3453 for assistance.
  • If we are replacing your computer, we will have the software loaded and configure your phone, Outlook, and other personalized settings the first time you log on.

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