Undergraduate Laboratory Renovation Initiative



The Whitacre College of Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory Renovation Initiative is an effort to properly equip and modernize departmental teaching laboratories. This is an interdepartmental initiative to enhance the learning experience for all undergraduate students. By providing undergraduate students with modern equipment and aesthetically pleasing labs, these hands-on teaching environments will better prepare our students for industry.

All of the undergraduate majors within the college participate in essential laboratory experiences as part of their curricular programs. An emphasis on laboratory-based team learning is consistent with the basic goals of the college. The industrial size and quality of laboratory and research equipment in the college facilitates this effort.

Keeping the college's extensive variety of equipment up-to-date with modern techniques and processes is not possible without private support, as most engineering courses have a laboratory component. Texas Tech places a priority on undergraduate research and practical experiences in the classroom, which necessitates the need for state-of-the art equipment and modernization of many of the undergraduate labs.


Undergraduate Laboratory Renovation Initiative
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