Texas Tech University

Distance Student Orientation

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We have implemented a student orientation required to be completed BY ALL distance students. At the end of the orientation, ALL students will be required to certify that they have completed and understand the information provided, then return the signed form to the Distance Learning office.

The purpose of this orientation is to establish an understanding of procedures used by Distance Learning (DL) staff and expectations for Distance learning students in regards to the Engineering Distance Learning Programs at Texas Tech University (TTU). An understanding of these procedures will ensure a smooth and quality program for both the students, faculty and Distance Learning Staff (DL Staff). A set of guidelines is necessary to ensure that faculty, teaching assistants, students and DL Staff are operating under the same set of expectations regarding communication, curriculum, and understanding. Items within this orientation are subject to change without being edited immediately within the orientation document.

Link to the Orientation

Should you have a question, please contact our Senior Manager: Brent Guinn  at brent.guinn@ttu.edu