FAQ's Distance Learning Program

How many courses can I sign up for during a single semester?

Most students who enroll in the Distance Learning program are practicing engineers who are balancing career and family responsibilities, a typical course load is one course per semester. However; if you choose, you are free to take more than one course per semester. In order take more than the usual course load you will need permission from your Advisor.

Will I have to be online at specific times or can I work at any times that are convenient for me?

Participation in the course is asynchronous, which means that both on-campus and distance students can work with course materials at the times that are convenient for them. You will meet the same project and exam deadlines as the on-campus students, so you will want to schedule your time so that you will not rush those deadlines. Your participation in the class will not interfere with your work schedule or any of your personal commitments because you can choose the times that are most convenient for you.

How much of the program is interactive in nature?

Class activities, discussions, and materials are presented interactively in multimedia Internet environments. Course lectures are recorded in state-of-the-art multimedia classrooms and streamed directly onto the Internet. Students can access the live stream and participate in the course in real time, or watch the lecture videos on the course website at their convenience.

Are there time limits on the completion of the courses?

Courses in the distance learning program follow Texas Tech University's academic calendar and mirror course offerings available on-campus. Distance students are expected to complete the course requirements within the semester period, meeting each of the instructor's project and exam deadlines. If unforeseen circumstances arise that will hinder your completion of the course, you should contact your instructor immediately to discuss your options.

How will I take exams?

There are three methods by which professors give exams. The method(s) used in specific courses depend upon the professor's preference as well as objectives of the course. Exams are given in the following ways:

  • Limited time, limited materials:  as known as a proctored exam. Typically students use proctors at their local library, public school, University Testing Centers, Community College testing centers, Sylvan Testing Centers or in the Human Resource department at their places of employment.
  • Limited time, unlimited materials: For this scenario, the exam is typically emailed to a student, and the student has a limited amount of time (for example, 80 minutes) to complete and submit the exam.
  • Unlimited time, unlimited materials: This typically references a "take-home" exam, where the exam is made available to the student and the student has a certain amount of time (for example, 1 week) to submit the exam.