Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a student ID Card?

Student ID cards are available to distance education students and may provide benefits such as academic discounts when purchasing software. Students can go to the University ID web site to find out more information about Texas Tech University ID cards.

How do I drop a course or withdraw from the university?

If you are enrolled in two or more classes and wish to drop one, you can access your eraider account and drop the class, or fax a letter stating which course you wish to drop to the Office of the Registrar. The Registar's fax number is (806) 742-0355.

If you are enrolled in only one class and wish to drop it, then you will be withdrawing from the university. You may visit the Office of the Registrar website and click on the Withdrawal Information link. This web page will give specific withdrawal dates for the current semester, as well as information and instructions for the withdrawal process.

If you have questions about your payments or wish to discuss extenuating circumstances, please contact Student Business Services at (806)742-3272.

How do I activate my eRaider account?

You may activate your eRaider account by obtaining an Activation Code from IT Help Central at (806) 742-HELP (4357). Once you have the activation code, you will go to the eRaider website and click "Activate Account." For additional information about your eRaider account, please visit the IT Services for Students website.

How do I contact someone regarding Military and Veterans Programs?

First, we thank you for your service. To receive a comprehensive knowledge base regarding assistance and programs offered to our active and retired military persons please contact the department of Military & Veterans Programs.

How Do I Contact Someone to Help with International Questions?

For all international inquiries please contact the Office of International Affairs.

How Can I Get Information regarding Scholarships/Financial Aid?

For all scholarship inquires, please contact the Scholarship Department.

For all inquires regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Department.

How do I contact the distance learning program office?

You may contact the distance learning staff in the following ways:

Amy Donnerberg, Program Manager
Phone: (806) 742-3451 or (800) 528-5583  
Brent Guinn, Senior Director
Phone: (806) 742-3451 or (800) 528-5583