Technology Requirements

What hardware and software will I need?

It is  recommended that you have access to the following computer hardware:   - A scanner or fax machine   - Pentium 4-based computer system or greater   - Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 operating system   The lecture component for distance courses is made available for students to stream or download from the Internet, and while the video lectures may be accessible on a system that does not meet the above criteria, system performance and quality of viewing may not be optimal.

It is  recommended that the student have access to the following computer software:
  • Internet Explorer browser (latest versions) or Safari (Macintosh)
  • Media Player to play video files (included with Windows) or for the Macintosh a video player that plays Windows (wmv) files
  • Most other software for accessing course materials is free and can be downloaded from the course sites.
  • Other course specific software will be specified in the individual course syllabus.
It is  recommended that the student have the following Internet access:
  • Access to the Internet through a broadband connection such as cable or DSL
  • Internet Mail (email) address


To test your browser for Mediasite, go to the following link:

For problems Live Streaming or Viewing video On-Demand, please contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-HELP (4357), email: ,  or Online: