Becoming a Red Raider

We’re excited about new students coming to study and work at the Whitacre College of Engineering. However, in order to join the Texas Tech family, we need you to complete a few tasks:

Application Process

  1. Study and Take the GRE
    • Take in advance in case there is a need to retake the exam
    • Allow a month to six weeks prior to any application deadline to ensure results are available to schools
  2. Complete an Application
    • Applications are filled out online at There is a $60 initial application fee, plus $50 for each subsequent application (including changes of entry date, add/change program, or readmission). Application fees may be paid via ApplyTexas at the time of application submission.
    • Along with the application, every student should make sure they submit to the Texas Tech Graduate School:
      • An official transcript
      • Entrance exam scores (i.e. GRE)
      • Three letters of reference on letterhead
      • Contact your department advisor to ensure that you complete all departmental requirements
      • Other Texas Tech requirements for international students, as well as specific deadlines, can be found at the Texas Tech Graduate Admission page

After you have applied, you can check the status of your application.

Graduate Program Interest