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James Kiesling Tanner
James Kiesling Tanner

Engineering Faculty Members offer Expertise, Analysis of Storm Preparedness

Following the recent outbreaks of severe weather across the United States, Texas Tech engineering faculty members' research expertise has been in high demand in devastated areas. Featured frequently in nationwide media reports in the last month, their knowledge and experience has also been useful for municipal planning authorities and U.S. Congressional leaders.

The following is a sampling of recent media reports and coverage that features Texas Tech engineering faculty members and researchers.

Texas Tech ExpertSourceTitle/Topic
Dr. Ernst Kiesling House Science, Space and Technology Subcommittee on Research

Storm Shelter Expert Shares Concerns with Congress

Windstorm Damage Mitigation Efforts
Larry Tanner KFOR-TV Oklahoma City Which is safer? Underground shelter or safe room?
Dr. Ernst Kiesling Popular Mechanics Hardening Your Home Against Tornadoes
Larry Tanner MSNBC: Rachel Maddow Show Moore, Oklahoma Reporting
Dr. Ernst Kiesling USA Today Storm shelters in demand after tornado
Dr. Ernst Kiesling Reuters Oklahoma TV weatherman vilified for tornado advice
Dr. Ernst Kiesling ABC News Safe Storm Shelters Saved Lives During Oklahoma Tornado
Dr. Darryl James
Dr. Ernst Kiesling
LiveScience Can We Protect Against the Next Moore Tornado?
Dr. Darryl James
Larry Tanner
USA Today Tornado simulator takes you inside the storm
Larry Tanner Tulsa World EF5 rating of El Reno tornado under review, NWS official says
Dr. Ernst Kiesling CNN Basements scarce in tornado-prone Oklahoma City area; here's why


Faculty, Engineering Alumnus Advance Global Food Safety and Security

Dr. Andreas Neuber, co-director of the Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics and AT&T Professor in the Whitacre College of Engineering; along with Dr. Mindy Brashears, professor in food microbiology and food safety; Dr. Chance Brooks, associate professor of meat science in the Department of Animal and Food Science; and Dr. Todd Brashears, associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communications, have worked for many years to develop advanced microwave technology to purify food and water. This research is being commercialized for broader use by technology company MicroZap.

Don Stull, the CEO of MicroZap and a licensed professional engineer, earned a bachelor of science in civil engineering and a M.B.A. from Texas Tech.

“We started MicroZap in 2008 when we licensed the original technology from Texas Tech for treatment of eggs and bread,” Stull said. “Since then we have worked with Texas Tech in a very close collaboration to advance and commercialize the technology.”

Neuber said the MicroZap technology will heat, but not directly damage the DNA of a biological substance.

“We use electro-magnetic radiation (microwaves) which interacts with the molecules in the product or sample and will affect pathogens, bacteria and mold in the different products we treat,” Neuber said. “The unit has levels on the outside similar to those produced when people use their microwave oven in the home. MicroZap technology is very similar, except that we work with much higher fields on the inside. We have been extremely successful treating mold in bread products and have extended the shelf-life of bread to 60 days.”

The company received $1.5 million in March 2010 from the state’s Emerging Technology Fund to get the project off the ground.

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Student News

Design-Build Team
Design-Build Team
(L-R) Caleb Lightfoot, Jake Maxton, Phillip Hamilton, Stephanie Bunt, Zach Sienkiel, Dr. Tewodros Ghebrab (Coach), and Marshall Clark

Design-Build Team Presents Solution at DBIA Conference

The Texas Tech Design-Build Team, which won second place in their division at the 2013 Associated Schools of Construction Region 5 (ASCR5) Student Competition held in Dallas in February 2013, presented their ASCR5 competition solution at the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) Southwest Region's 9th Annual Conference held in New Orleans, La. in May 2013.

The Texas Tech team initially competed against six other teams from college construction programs located in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Ireland, and Australia. Following their outstanding performance at the ASCR5 competition, the Design-Build Team was invited to participate and present their outstanding solution at the DBIA Conference.

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Faculty News

Bayne Farris
Bayne Farris

Bayne and Farris Inducted into the Texas Tech Teaching Academy

Dr. Stephen Bayne, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, and Dr. Jennifer Farris, assistant professor of industrial engineering, have been inducted into the Texas Tech Teaching Academy. The mission of the Teaching Academy is to advocate for teaching excellence, promote service related to the university's teaching mission, advise and mentor colleagues and others, and share knowledge about teaching strategies and their implementation as appropriate.

Texas Tech Teaching Academy Members in the Whitacre College of Engineering

Ed Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Stephen Bayne Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mario Beruvides Industrial Engineering
Stephen Ekwaro-Osire Mechanical Engineering
Atila Ertas Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer Farris Industrial Engineering
Michael Giesselmann Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tanja Karp Electrical and Computer Engineering
William Lawson Civil and Environmental Engineering
Audra Morse Civil and Environmental Engineering
Scott Norville Civil and Environmental Engineering
Brian Nutter Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ken Rainwater Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mohammad Saed Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sanjaya Senadheera Civil and Environmental Engineering
Douglas Smith Civil and Environmental Engineering
James L. Smith Industrial Engineering
Milton Smith Industrial Engineering

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Alumni News


Endsley Appointed Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force

Dr. Mica Endsley, a 1982 graduate with a bachelor of science in industrial engineering, has been appointed as the U.S. Air Force's first female chief scientist.

"Having served on the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board for many years, I've had the pleasure of working closely with the current and several former Air Force chief scientists," Endsley said. "I know this is a tremendous opportunity to help the Air Force excel in its goal of maintaining the critical technological edge that gives our airmen a strategic advantage."

From 1990 to 1997, Endsley joined the industrial engineering faculty at Texas Tech, first as an assistant professor and then as an associate professor, teaching in the area of human factors and expanding her work on situation awareness to other areas including air traffic control, driving, and military command and control.

Endsley received the Distinguished Engineer Award from the Texas Tech Whitacre College of Engineering in 2010.

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Grants and Contracts

May 14, 2013 – June 13, 2013

Chemical Engineering
Dr. Harvinder S. Gill National Institutes of Health Nanoengineered Virus-mimics as Templates for Design of a Universal Influenza A Vaccine $132,587
Dr. Siva A. Vanapalli National Science Foundation REU Supplement to CAREER: Collective Hydrodynamics of Confined Drops in Microfluidic Parking Networks $6,000
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Delong Zuo DOE/Alstom (NWI) Development of Innovative Control Systems for Offshore Wind Turbine Performance and Reliability $37,499
Computer Science
Dr. Yong Chen DOE/Argonne National Lab Active Object Storage for Big Data Applications in High Performance Computing $95,522
Dr. Yong Chen National Science Foundation CSR: Medium: Collaborative Research: Decoupled Execution Paradigm for Data-intensive High-end Computing $92,433
Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics
Dr. James C. Dickens
Dr. John J. Mankowski
Dr. Andreas A. Neuber
U.S. Army/Lockheed Martin Corporation Compact Hard Tube Vircator System $141,488
Dr. James C. Dickens
Dr. Andreas A. Neuber *
U.S. Army/ARC Technology Electrically Generated Haptic Feedback to Simulate Virtual Explosions $16,500
Dr. Andreas A. Neuber National Physical Science Consortium NPSC Fellowships for Jacob Stephens and Andrew Fierro $12,500
Dr. Stephen B. Bayne U.S. Army Research Office/AAS Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program $2,600
Industrial Engineering
Dr. Jennifer A Farris
Dr. Timothy I. Matis
Medical Center Hospital (Odessa, Tx) Assessment of ED Lab Workflow $9,946
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Jian Sheng National Science Foundation CAREER: Simultaneous Measurement of Wall Deformation and 3-D Flow Structures for Flow-Structure Interaction Investigations $60,918
Dr. Yanzhang Ma U.S. Army RDECOM/Iowa State Strain-induced Phase Transformations in Ceramics under High Pressure $75,000
Petroleum Engineering
Dr. James J. Sheng Petroleum Development Oman LLC Chemical EOR Knowledge Database $100,000
Whitacre College of Engineering Dean's Office
Dr. John R. Chandler
Dr. Andrea D. Fontenot *
Dr. William M. Marcy
TX Education Agency GRI: Texas Tech University T-STEM Center $1,940

* Primary Investigator


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