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The FIRST Mentorship Program aims to meaningfully involve incoming freshman and transfer students who are first generation college (FGC) students to improve their retention and success rate in the Whitacre College of Engineering by creating an environment that supports their academic progress, as well as their social, community, and career needs and interests.

About the FIRST Program

FIRST is a community and mentoring program that supports First Generation College (FGC) students through their tenure in the Whitacre College of Engineering. The purpose of this program is to provide resources to succeed in the engineering discipline of their choice. The four main areas of focus are academic support, social/community, career council and financial information.

FIRST provides FGC engineering students with a close-knit community to ensure the students know they have access to resources and information for a successful college experience. This program is meant to supplement other Texas Tech University FGC programs by providing engineering specific access and resources, and is not intended to compete.

FIRST Program Activities & Scholarship Eligibility

The following activities are designed to help FIRST members become acclimated to the Whitacre College of Engineering and college life. Participation in these events earns points towards scholarships and/or special events and include:

  • Mentor Meetings - Mentors will be available throughout the semester. This is a very important part of the FIRST Program and is meant to connect incoming FGC students with upper-class FGC students in the WCOE. To be scholarship eligible complete 3+ meetings each semester.
  • Workshops - FIRST will offer workshops focused on FGC student needs throughout each semester. Timing for these is based on WCOE academic and career activity dates. To be scholarship eligible complete 3+ FIRST workshops each semester.
  • Meet Your Professors – Earn points by getting to know your professors! Though this can be tough, it is very valuable. Initiating positive interactions with professors can help create strong, open lines of communication which takes away the stress of asking for help and can also lead to connections that can later provide recommendation letters for scholarships and internships. To be scholarship eligible meet each of your professors 1+ times each semester.
  • Meeting your Department Advisor/Faculty – Each semester you will need to meet with your advisor to discuss classes, make sure to not put your appointment off. Advisors/faculty are valuable connections for resources, feedback, and networking. To be scholarship eligible meet your advisor/faculty 1+ times each semester.
  • Outreach – FIRST participates in engineering outreach activities. Outreach is a valuable tool that helps build leadership, teamwork, and communication skills all attributes which enhance your résumé. Outreach activities include: high school and middle school campus visits, Engineers-Week activities, engineering organization activities with K-12 students, and more. To be scholarship eligible participate in 2+ outreach events each semester.
  • Community Involvement – The WCOE offers many community involvement opportunities through student groups and organizations. Much like outreach activities, community service helps build teamwork and leadership skills and helps enhance your résumé. To be scholarship eligible participate in 1+ community involvement activities each semester.
  • Community Building – This is a chance to come together and have FUN! Attend social events regularly through a combination of FIRST, SSS, FYS, SYS, and other WCOE events. Activities may include: the LYFE event, kick-off, socials, study halls, company info sessions, EOC workshops, engineer's week, WCOE job fair, guest speakers, and special events! To be scholarship eligible participate in 2+ community building activities each semester.
  • University Career Center – The UCC is located in the Wiggins Complex and provides career and strengths testing, career focused events, webinars, and other resources throughout the semester. FIRST participants will need to complete UCC testing during their first semester in the program and additional points can be earned by participating in other UCC events for undergraduate students. To find out more about their events visit them at To be scholarship eligible participate in 1+ UCC activities each semester.

Apply to be a FIRST Program Peer-Mentee!

Application Deadline: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Registration has closed. Please contact with any questions.


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FIRST Mentors help incoming first generation college freshman and transfer students to become meaningfully active in the college community and provide guidance and support on a peer-to-peer mentor level. Help other FGC students to learn from your unique experiences!
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