Texas Tech University.

Research Overview

campus pictures Current research focuses on factors which influence drug use. Our lab has a strong emphasis on cigarette smoking and use of smokeless tobacco. We are interested in both clinical and pre-clinical laboratory research to understand behavioral factors which influence drug use. More recently, our lab has paired with the South Plains Alcohol and Addiction Research Center (www.ttuhsc.edu/centers/spaarc) to investigate the connection between the genetics and the neurobiological consequences of drug and alcohol use to the related cognitive, behavioral and physiological components and consequences of substance use. SPAARC is a multidisciplinary and collaborative group made up of Clinical Psychologists, Behavioral Pharmacologists, Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Cognitive Neuroscientists, and Pharmacologists. To learn more about Dr. Cohen, current graduate and undergraduate students, colleagues, and alumni, click on the appropriate links above.

To learn more about funding sources for substance abuse research, professional organizations with interests in substance abuse research, or web-based smoking cessation treatments click on the "related sites" above.

Lab Contact

For more information about the Behavioral Pharmacology Lab write to:

Lee M. Cohen, Ph. D.
Texas Tech University
Box 42051
Lubbock, TX 79409-2051
Telephone: (806) 742-3711 Ext. 236


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