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Fall 2011

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Remembering 9/11


For years, a certain billboard on Interstate 20 remained a fixture in the Midland, Texas, skyline. The sign showed a little girl sitting on her father's shoulders and holding an American flag, along with a single word: "Unity." Every time Whitney Taylor drove past that billboard, she was reminded of "that day." The fear, the confusion, and the American pride. But now, 10 years after the chaos of Sept. 11, 2001, the billboard cycles through a different advertisement every year: a jewelry store, a car dealership, a letter from God. For Taylor, this signifies that America is forgetting that day. But the 10th anniversary...

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Saving 34th Street

Kyra Jenkins sits in front of a table inside her business, South Plains Communications. Behind her, a large window exposes a multi-layered backdrop. The scene is one of a street in decay, and built on its concrete and asphalt are the businesses that have given Lubbock its identity and soul. This backdrop is 34th Street, a location lined with local atmosphere that has yet to be touched by national corporations. The street is full of local flavor with businesses from pet stores, auto-repair shops, to "mom and pop" diners. Anyone who takes a walk down this street will see an identity that...

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Climate Change in West Texas

Katherine Hayhoe, Ph.D.

Ninety years in the future, farmers cannot pass their once fertile land down to the next generation. The playa lakes that once glittered on the West Texas landscape have dried up from overuse and no longer supply the Ogallala Aquifer with much needed water. Average temperatures are more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit higher than in the past, which stresses the citizens and the few cattle left in the West Texas area. The rain that had once been 20 inches per year is now reduced to 6 inches per year.

These projections of what West Texas might look like if...

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More Money More Problems

Red to Black

When you check your bank account statement and see $7.23 in your checking account and $21.50 in your savings, and you get that wave of panic, desperation, concern, worry and fear crashing into your body, that is when being a broke college student sinks in. Immediately your palms start to sweat, you start freaking out about how you are going to pay rent, and suddenly you are frantically pacing around your room.

Imagine a world where money grows on trees and everyone has an unlimited supply of funds. Going broke would never...

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Preparing Students for the Future

Career Services

When waiting in the offices of University Advising or University Career Services, one has a sense of calm -- a feeling of organization, control and safety. These feelings are appreciated and welcomed by students seeking help from administrators within these offices. When students feel lost or confused in trying to deal with the transitions and changes that play such a large part in college life, these offices guide students through their college experiences and make sense of the confusion and frustration they feel.

Everyone knows the feeling of uncertainty...

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Letter From the Editor

Fall 2011
Letter from the Editor

As you can see, Tech ImPRESSions has gone digital. In addition to saving trees, our new format allows us to be accessible to you, our readers, anywhere, anytime. The College of Media & Communication strives to prepare students to remain on the cutting edge of media throughout its constant evolution, and at Tech ImPRESSions we put a high priority on keeping our publication ahead of the curve.

In addition to increased accessibility, our new online format makes Tech ImPRESSions more interactive than ever before. You can now start discussions on stories, submit questions or concerns, and even suggest story ideas for us to pursue – and we greatly encourage you to do so. As you read this issue's stories about the life, culture and issues at Texas Tech, let us know what you think.

I hope our switch to online makes your reading experience more convenient and entertaining, and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy the football games, crisp weather, and great times ahead this fall, and, as always, wreck 'em!

Melissa McMillan

Recent Online Content

Biking on Campus

Biking on Campus The number of bikes on campus daily is estimated in the thousands; and on a campus as large as Texas Tech University's, a good bicycle infrastructure can make time spent traveling on campus a safer and more convenient experience. The administration at Texas Tech plans to improve the bicycle infrastructure around campus. Tyler Patton, Student Government Association external vice president, said three initiatives have been introduced regarding bikes on campus.

The first is the new shared-use path between the English and...

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Life on the Vines

Lubbock wineries In Lubbock's Depot District on a bright afternoon, a vibrant, red-painted building is surrounded with landscaped yuccas among rocks and pebbles. Housed inside the historic Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, McPherson Cellars was built in 2008 and has been open as a winery for three years. The building is artistically renovated: the walls are draped with mirrors and pieces of contemporary artwork; bold colors paint the ceiling in a variety of green shades; and bright red doors guide visitors through the winery. Black stones cover pillars, and wine barrels decorate the establishment. These features reveal the character of the McPhersons: passionate toward both West Texas and Texas Tech University.

The McPhersons have been in the grape-growing and winemaking business in Texas for more than 40 years and truly are engrained in Lubbock's wine industry.

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Social Dancing in Lubbock

Thursday night is often classified as "college night" in Lubbock. As classes and work assignments for the day end and the sun slowly sets, students search for their best attire to wear while containing excitement for the night ahead. Men polish their boots, and women curl their hair. A night at the local country nightclub, Wild West, is a regular pursuit for many students at Texas Tech University.

Social dancing has been common in young adults since the 18th century when country-dance and the minuet waltz were most popular. Dancing was well known as a positive social activity. Social dancing events brought a sense of communication to an era where communication was limited to only verbal speaking. Dancing was often performed at elaborate balls or small private parties amongst the wealthy. Throughout time in early America, the different cultures in social dancing became very acceptable. France brought the Minuet and England brought country. Each culture's physical form of social dance was different, but somehow consistently was a median in bringing people together.

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Healthy Food Choices

Nutritional Food The stainless steel counters gleamed with a pristine cleanness that professional chefs pride themselves on. This is Dewey McMurrey's test kitchen. The executive sous chef, who was educated at the Culinary Institute of America, not only caters Texas Tech University-sponsored events, but he also creates the menus implemented across campus.

"Everybody still says 'yes' to mac'n'cheese or something once in a while," he said. "We don't promote the unhealthy stuff, but we're not going to stop serving it. Our No. 1 item on campus for the last decade, the top seller, is chicken strips."

Obesogenic is how nutritionists categorize our society. The idea is that our environment causes obesity and, in a sense, promotes unhealthy habits.

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