From Associate Dean Coy Callison

Associate Dean Coy Callison The positive trajectory continues for the college graduate program, as we finish our first semester in the new building. We have had record enrollment in our M.A. program and interest continues to grow. We are bringing in 13 new M.A. students for Spring 2013, after graduating nine M.A. students in the fall. We also have a handful of undergraduate students who will graduate in May but who will dip a toe in the graduate program by taking a master’s-level class or two in their final semester this spring, before fully engaging in the graduate program this summer.

The doctoral program is also flourishing. We had seven new doctoral students join the program in the fall, and we will welcome two more this spring, after graduating two in December.

Finally, we have continued to increase the size of the graduate faculty in the college to keep up with the pace of student growth. Erik Bucy, Ph.D., Melissa Gotlieb, Ph.D., Sun Lee, Ph.D., Rebecca Ortiz, Ph.D., and Melanie Sarge, Ph.D., have all hit the ground running helping staff classes and student committees.

All in all, the College of Media & Communication continues to graduate master’s students with advanced skills to take on new media challenges and doctoral students with strong theory and research foundations, as well as teaching skills to make their own student impacts in universities across the country. These student successes are accompanied by the college bringing in new faculty and their innovative teaching approaches, as well as active research agendas to benefit students throughout the college. We’ll spend the spring semester recruiting the next crop of students, graduating those that have put in their time in the graduate program, and continuing to build the graduate faculty.

Onward and upward.

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