From Dean Jerry C. Hudson

Dean Jerry Hudson If we measure success based on annual evaluations, 2012 was an excellent year for the College of Media & Communication. The profile and the landscape of our program have changed significantly since we were the Department of Mass Communications in the 1970s.

In 2012, we changed the name of the college from the College of Mass Communications to the College of Media & Communication. It will take me a little while to get used to the new name, but it was the right choice. We also merged two departments, Journalism and Electronic Media, but maintained the two separate degree programs. The new department is called the Department of Journalism and Electronic Media. Media Strategies, a new degree program, was added as our fifth major. The administrative responsibility of KTXT-FM was moved back into the college, and students are pleased.

The college’s most obvious success was the move to our $25 million newly renovated building. The spacious facilities are quite attractive and functional beyond expectations. We have designated areas specifically for labs, research facilities, meetings, classrooms, and student organizations. The new facilities will provide enough space to grow our student enrollment, faculty, and staff. If you have not visited the new facilities, I invite you to take about an hour and allow me to give you a tour of the building.

On a personal note, Sue and I decided in March 2012 that I would complete the 2012-13 academic year and then retire. I notified Provost Bob Smith in September that my last day with the college would be July 31, 2013. At that time, I will have been with Texas Tech for 35 years. Texas Tech has been very good to me and my family. I am a loyal Red Raider and wish nothing but the best for the college’s future.

During the past six to eight years, the faculty, staff and administration have been very supportive of our goals. They have supported the college with their hard work and unquestionable loyalty. However, there are a few people who have made major contributions to me personally, and I would like to publically acknowledge them.

Dennis Harp hired me in 1978. I value his friendship and support of my efforts to be the best faculty member and administrator possible. Dr. Billy I. Ross has served as a mentor and has provided valuable guidance in our early growing years. Former faculty members Bob Rooker, Harmon Morgan, and Ralph Sellmeyer were other key mentors to me.

The late Joe Goodin, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, gave me an opportunity in 1987 to serve as chairperson of the Department of Mass Communications. During my tenure as chairperson, I sought the advice of Clint Formby, Camille Keith, Wendell Mayes Jr., Ray Moran, and Wayne Sellers.

I am deeply indebted to former Provost Bill Marcy for his vision and foresight so that we could become a separate and independent college. Without his support, we most likely would not have become a college. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Clint Formby, C.R. “Choc” Hutcheson, Wendell Mayes Jr., Ray Moran, and Wayne Sellers also provided the initial financial resources to move us to separate college status.

I offer my thanks to Liz Hall-Burns for her leadership in assisting me with the Texas Higher Education Association applications for a separate college and a doctoral program. The application reviewers had very few questions about our data or justifications in either application.

During the early stages of change in our college, Bill Dean, Dennis Harp, Mike Parkinson, Elizabeth Watts, and Janet Wright supported our efforts to bring structure to the new college. They worked tirelessly to make sure we provided students with a great education. Today, I am blessed with the best faculty, staff and administration a dean could imagine. Thank you.

Chancellor Kent Hance, Provost Bob Smith, Vice Chancellor Kelley Overley, Chief of Staff and Assistant Vice President Grace Hernandez, and CFO and Vice President Kyle Clark have demonstrated on several occasions their support for our college. Their confidence in our program has resulted in new facilities, additional faculty, and an opportunity for the college to grow and excel.

Thanks to all alumni who have made contributions to the success of our program. Our alumni stand head and shoulders above all alumni at other universities. We would like to think that we have in return made at least minor contributions to their success.

Finally, thanks to all former students who have become friends and for alumni who are now sending their children to Texas Tech and are convinced that we will prepare their children for successful careers in their chosen disciplines.

In November 2012, the college faculty, staff, alumni and friends surprised me with a portrait painted by Paul Milosevich. A picture of the painting is featured on the back cover of this publication along with the names of the donors who made the painting possible. The painting hangs in the foyer area on the first floor of the Media & Communication Building. I am grateful to these friends. Thank you.

I know you will continue to be quite supportive of the future dean and our faculty. Please feel free to stay in touch. God Bless.

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