Pulitzer Prize Winner Distinguishes Himself

Robert Montemayor

Robert Montemayor

by Lindsay Bradshaw, photo by Sara Stelling

The College of Media & Communication alumni, faculty, Dean’s Student Council members, and college supporters gathered to honor Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Montemayor as he became the newest inductee into the college's Hall of Fame.

The annual Hall of Fame events took place Nov. 9 at the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center.

Montemayor graduated with a degree in journalism from Texas Tech University in 1975. His journalism career kicked off when he became the editor of Texas Tech’s campus newspaper, the University Daily, now the Daily Toreador.

Within the first 10 years of his career, Montemayor was awarded the 1984 Pulitzer Prize as a member of a Los Angeles Times reporting team that covered the Latino community in a series of articles. One part of the series traced the path of a Mexican family, generation by generation, while another discussed in-depth what education was like as a Mexican-American.

“I originally wanted to write about the Latino community because they were never included in newspapers,” Montemayor said. “The people in newspapers never related to me; they didn’t look like me or relate to me or speak like me.”

Montemayor landed his first job as a staff writer for the Dallas Times Herald, where he reported on civil rights violations of Mexican-Americans in Texas. He was a member of reporting teams that were nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize in 1977 and 1978. One of these teams earned a George Polk Award in 1978 for its coverage of these civil rights cases.

In 2004, Montemayor was the primary author of a 160-page publication focusing on the economic, political and social impact of Latinos. He currently serves as a journalism instructor and director of the Latino Information Network at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J.

“Robert is the perfect role model for our students,” said Dean Jerry Hudson, Ph.D. “His example shows the potential our college’s students have, and he provides encouragement going forward in their academic and professional careers.”

Following his work with the Los Angeles Times, Montemayor earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of California Los Angeles. Since then, he has worked in numerous and varied aspects of media. He also has held many executive media and marketing management positions. mc

Lindsay Bradshaw is a senior public relations major from The Woodlands, Texas.
Sara Stelling is a sophomore journalism major from Houston.

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