From Development Officer Memory Bennett

Development Officer Memory Bennett Legacy is important in all stages of life. Maybe you have benefited from your parents or grandparents or even a friend. I know I have benefited greatly from the legacies of my parents, grandparents and friends. Professionally I have benefited from the legacy of my predecessors as well as other faculty and staff of this college.

Students within our college greatly benefit from the legacies of alumni and friends every semester. They receive benefits from professors who taught them and other students who befriended them. And many of our students receive a financial legacy through generous gifts from alumni and friends of the college. Scholarships provide much needed support for students and aid them in their quest for higher education. The legacy that people leave, whether through a planned gift or scholarship endowment, creates an important impact on the future of the student. We receive letters from students receiving scholarships every year. It is amazing to see the amount of gratitude these students have toward the donor and the legacy they chose to give to them. Without the support of alumni and friends we certainly could not have reached the heights we have so far. It helps the college not only to thrive but also to attract new students to our programs. And with continued support, we will reach even higher goals and continue to be a competitive and thriving college.

We have many wonderful things happening at the college and university. We have a new name to fit our programs, we have a beautiful building we now call home, and we have several events planned this fall to celebrate these two accomplishments. We appreciate your help in getting to these new levels, and thank you for your continued support of our college and programs.

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