From Associate Dean Coy Callison

Associate Dean Coy Callison It’s onward and upward for the college graduate program as we move into our new digs across campus this fall. We have continued to grow both the M.A. and the Ph.D. programs, and we will have record enrollments in August 2012.

The numbers are truly impressive. In the fall of 2008, we enrolled a total of 15 M.A. students and 21 Ph.D. students. Now four years later, our fall numbers will reflect a total enrollment of 50 M.A. students and 41 Ph.D. students. That is a 233 percent increase in M.A. numbers; a 95 percent increase in the Ph.D. program.

And even more impressive, this has been quality growth—our average GRE scores and undergraduate GPAs scores are at an all-time high. A few other impressive numbers: For 2011-2012, we distributed $116,756 in scholarships to graduate students. Also in the last 12 months, we have graduated six Ph.D. students and 21 M.A. students.

Likewise our students continue to present research papers at conferences across the globe, publish in prestigious academic journals, win awards, and perhaps most importantly, land great jobs in industry and in academe. All of these accomplishments continue to help us raise our profile, which should lead to even more qualified students.

Two other recruiting tools that I constantly hear about from students who apply to study here are the Center for Communication Research and the Institute for Hispanic and International Communication. After walking through the new building last week as the construction was wrapping up on the Center for Communication Research, it is difficult for me to imagine better communication research facilities anywhere in the world. Students that want to get their hands on state-of-the-art research tools are going to have to place us on their short lists.

Likewise, Kent Wilkinson, Ph.D., and director of the Institute for Hispanic and International Communication—affiliated students and faculty continue to bear our banners into new cultural contexts. Now that the institute is going to have a much more visible presence in the new building, I really expect that it will draw even more attention.

So again, another year of positive news and another set of high expectations for the graduate program. That seems to be a common theme across the College of Media & Communication right now—and that makes for good times here in Lubbock.

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