Evan Dixon

Evan Dixon Evan Dixon
Broadcast Journalism

I am a senior broadcast journalism major here at Texas Tech. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but part of the fourth generation of my family to be a Red Raider. I have always been captivated by television news. As a boy, instead of waking up early Sunday morning to watch cartoons, I would tune to NBC for Meet The Press with Tim Russert. I even begged my father and performed extra chores around the house to pay for a subscription to Time, back when it was still a magazine.

I believe my fascination with news is due to its ability to capture a moment in someone's life -- their reality. And, I hope to someday be able to explore our world and share people's realities through television news.

I have also always been drawn to governing and politics. In 2012, I was given an amazing opportunity to work as the deputy communications director for former Congresswoman Heather Wilson's U.S. Senate campaign in New Mexico. Although I joke that "I stepped over to the dark side" by working on a campaign, I gained invaluable knowledge by working with some of the smartest minds in New Mexico and U.S. politics.

Then to round off my political experiences, I worked for State Senator Robert Duncan, who represents Lubbock and 50 other counties in West Texas, during the 83rd Legislative Session. I was privileged to help staff two key pieces of legislation that restructured the Teacher Retirement System and the Employees Retirement System of Texas. By working with the many vested interests, Senator Duncan was able to pass bipartisan legislation that will ensure actuarial soundness of the two funds for the foreseeable future.

Now as I return to Tech to complete my senior year, I come with a much better understanding of the workplace. I also bring with me firsthand knowledge of the importance of reporters who present complete, accurate and fair news. This school year I look forward to sharpening my skills so I can do just that after I graduate.