Raina Shannon

Raina Shannon Raina Shannon
Electronic Media & Communications

Since childhood, art has always been a must for my life. I wanted to create it, be surrounded by it, and be a part of it. I developed a penchant for photography and mixed media early, and then towards high school graduation I became very interested in magazine layout and design. I decided then, after some research into what goes into magazine production, that I wanted to someday be a creative director. Even if I don't end up in magazine work, there are many different venues in which one can be a creative director – Where one can stretch their artistic aesthetic over a work to benefit a client.

This brainstorm led me to my major, electronic media and communications, and its emphasis, visual communications here at the College of Media & Communication. The major has helped me understand how to work between the world of media and that of art, and allowed me to find my place within that balance. But to give me more of a fine arts understanding, I also picked up a photography minor in the School of Art to help flesh out a major that emphasized primarily on the media and its influence. I've had many great opportunities between these two schools of thought, including an amazing and eye-opening semester abroad in Spain, and have developed a much larger breadth of skills than I ever thought I could.

Currently, I am the social media and promotions intern for Holy Kombucha, a health drink company based in the Dallas area, and I am also involved in the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society and am a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. I graduate with honors this December, and I am very excited to continue my education by experience and to grow into a success Texas Tech University can be proud of.