Mass Communications Building in Memorial Circle

Texas Technological College was created by legislative action on Feb. 10, 1923, and opened its doors to students in Fall 1925. The new college had six buildings and an enrollment of 910 students. By action of the Texas State Legislature, Texas Technological College formally became Texas Tech University on Sept. 1, 1969.

The College of Media & Communication has a long and storied history. The initial college catalog listed the first journalism courses in the Department of English. The courses focused on writing for newspapers, magazines and books. Cecil Horne taught all of the journalism courses between 1926 and 1931.

By 1931, 10 courses in journalism were offered to undergraduate students.

In 1970, advertising was transferred to the newly developed Department of Mass Communications that included journalism and broadcasting. Workers began construction on the new $3.5 million Mass Communications Building on March 22, 1974, and completed construction in February 1976. The new structure was designed to host 1,000 students.

The Department of Mass Communications was designated as the School of Mass Communications in 1988 within the College of Arts and Sciences. The school became a separate and independent College of Mass Communications in 2004.

In 2004, the college filed an application with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for a doctorate in mass communications. The board approved the request, and the college accepted its initial doctoral class in Fall 2005.

In Fall 2011, the college was home to almost 1,500 undergraduate students majoring in advertising, electronic media and communication, journalism and public relations. The college also listed 33 doctoral and 35 master’s students. In fall 2012, a new degree program – Media Strategies – was added to the college’s curriculum.

Other changes were made in Fall 2012. The College of Mass Communications became the College of Media & Communication. Two academic departments also merged. The Department of Journalism and the Department of Electronic Media & Communication will merged form the Department of Journalism and Electronic Media.