Alumni News Archive


  • College of Media & Communication alumni Ron Askew is inducted in the 2013 Hall of Fame. - Watch here.


  • College of Media & Communication alumna Caroline Trujillo from Bedford, Texas, has found success after graduating a year ago with a bachelor's degree in public relations - See more here.


  • Alumni Morris Wilkes takes the time to give career advice. - Watch here.
  • Want to know the three steps to nailing your interview? Alumni Joe Fairless tells us what the three big steps to being a strong interviewer are here.


  • The key is: if you want hard-working people, you have to hire the people who work hard. And there are plenty of them from Texas Tech University coming into the workforce. - Find out who said this here.
  • Alumni Aimee Valentine gives advice on using strategic thinking to land a job. "As a communications professional, you will apply strategic thinking for clients every day. Why would you not do the same for your own career path?" - See more here.


  • "A career is a set of accomplishments, talents and interests that will be applicable in different jobs. Odds are none of the current students will stay in the same job or company for more than 10 years meaning they will have to adapt to new options and circumstances." - Alumni Jeff Balter on building a career. See more here.


  • "Once you enter the communications field, you will be amazed at what a small world it truly is. Word gets around fast about bad actors in our profession. Hey, what else would you expect from professional communicators?" says alumni Kay Jackson. - See more here.


  • Public relations alumni Sophia Chappell takes the time to tell us why it is important to get involved now, and what kind of impact experience can have on your job search. - See more here.
  • "What are you going to do to stand out after an interview? Anyone and everyone can send out an email of appreciation for any telephone or in-person interview ... and this should be done. That's not Old School." - Find out who believes it's important to keep it old school in this month's Alumni Advantage.


  • Advertising alumni Jessica Stark tells us how active participation in school can help improve your professional career, and why it's important to take advantage of every opportunity to grow your skill set. - See more here.


  • A former Disney College Program intern, Texas Tech University College of Media & Communication alumna Megan Burns was a newly minted advertising graduate and needed a job. - See more here here.


  • When Justin Keene, Ph.D., left Texas Tech University after earning an undergraduate degree and a master's degree from the College of Media & Communication, he did not expect to be back as a faculty member four years later. - See more here.



  • Alumni Greg Heitzman provides some advice on how to use Twitter and other social media to make yourself stand out. Find out what else Heitzman says in this month's Alumni Advantage.


  • "All I can say to those who are about to graduate and are looking for jobs, is don't settle for anything less than what you want, don't stop moving and always talk to anyone willing to help you out. Use all of the resources that are available. And most of all, this one will be hard, but never get discouraged." See what else advertising alumni Mindy Shepperd has to say in this month's Alumni Advantage.
  • "I gained so much knowledge about the industry and social media from this internship that I strongly feel will do great things for my career. I strongly encourage all CoMC students to do as many internships as you can, and be sure to network, network, network.", says senior advertising student, Abbey Daniel. Read more here.


  • Electronic media & communication alumni Tim Davila tells us how to be proactive by doing research to solve problems and add value as a job candidate. Read more here.


  • Assistant Professor of advertising, Melissa Gotlieb, Ph.D., and May 2013 graduate Patrick Merle, Ph.D., were elected as executive board members of the Communication Theory and Methodology Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Gotlieb and Merle will respectively serve as newsletter editor and membership coordinator for the next two years.


  • Director of Communications for The Independent BankersBank (TIB) Greg Todd graduated from Texas Tech in 1987 with a degree in public relations. TIB entered their 2012 Annual Report in the 2012 Vision Awards, the largest annual report contest. The report was chosen from 6,000 entries from 25 countries to receive the Platinum Award. The award is the contest’s highest honor and goes to the top 100 reports. TIB ranked 59th overall. They ranked 14th in America and earned the top spot for commercial banking.


  • "Want a remarkable career? Become remarkable by modeling after people who came before you." Advertising alum Joe Fairless tells us why it's important to get a mentor in this month's Unfair Advantage.


  • Congratulations to The Raider 88.1 KTXT-FM for a successful eight-year license renewal from the FCC. We look forward to listening for years to come!


  • Students of Tech PR visited public relations firms and College of Media & Communication Alumni in the Dallas area in order to see what it is like to work in the real world. - See more here.


  • Recent advertising and electronic media & communications graduate, Taylor Shofner, talks about his new job at RD Thomas Advertising agency in Lubbock and gives some advice to students. - See more here.


  • The "post-graduation blues" did not strike three December 2012 graduates, Adam Hernandez, Cody Hale, and Mary-Alex Smith, for these Red Raiders absolutely LUV their internships at Southwest Airlines. Hernandez, Hale and Smith are flying into new opportunities that offer them the most creative and fun-loving environment they all could have wanted. - See more here.
  • Robert B. Affe shares insight on what your most important job as a career professional is. Find out what he says in this month's Unfair Advantage.
  • Craig Rettig gives us 1,791,000 reasons to make yourself extraordinary in this month's Unfair Advantage. Read more here.


  • Advertising alumnus Mark deTranaltes gives his insight on the "post-degree plan blues" and how to overcome any reservations you may have about searching for that first job. - See more in this month's Unfair Advantage.


  • Tim Loecker, the Senior Vice President of Weber Shandwick, shares 10 tips to elevate from intern to entry-level in this month's Unfair Advantage. - Read the full story here.


  • Get to know your advisor, Kathy Lindsey, in this month's Adviser. Kathy Lindsey is the advisor for Advertising and Texas Tech Alum. Read more here.


  • Rebecca Ortiz, Ph. D., shares her advice in this month's Unfair Advantage. "Whether you are entering the workforce, looking for an internship, or considering graduate school, the piece of advice I can give is to reach out to others who have come before you." - See what else Dr. Ortiz shares here.


  • We are proud to announce Dr. David Perlmutter, director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa, as the new dean of the College of Media & Communication! We are excited to welcome him to Texas Tech and our college on July 1, 2013!


  • College of Media & Communication alumnus Tim Loecker graduated from Texas Tech University in 2000 with a degree in public relations. Currently a senior vice president at Weber Shandwick, he continues to contribute to the college and its students. - See more here.
  • Chris Rohland, Director of Sales and Business Development at Streetwise Media shares some advice on how selling yourself, team or product is crucial to being successful. - Read more in this month's Unfair Advantage.


  • Scott Pelley talks with students about his experiences, and gives advice on how to be successful in the field of journalism. - See more here.
  • Adam Wells, Principal, Aars | Wells on asking questions and admitting your weaknesses, "[Employers] will appreciate the fact that you're mature enough to admit your weaknesses. They just want to see that you're willing to learn something new…that you're open minded and capable of taking on challenges." - Read the full story in this month's Unfair Advantage.


  • Mass Communications alumnus Tony Wright shares his view on what makes a person successful, "Always try to learn more. That's how you get ahead. That's how you succeed. Just keep learning." - Read more in this month's Unfair Advantage.


  • Linda Rutherford, journalism alum, shares insight on why words matter and how your communication skills affect your career. - Read more in this month'sUnfair Advantage.
  • Advertising Alumnus Joe Fairless tells us why you should approach networking with a "pay it forward" attitude in this month's Unfair Advantage.


  • "So you're through with College. Now what?" - Find out what else telecommunications alum Rich Flora has to say in this month's Unfair Advantage.


  • Learn about advertising and electronic media & communications major Taylor Shofner's internship experience in this month's Intern Spotlight. Read the full story here.



  • Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Texas Tech Advertising Competition Team on winning a gold Addy from the Lubbock Advertising Federation for the Nissan campaign! Commercials from the campaign are available to view by clicking here.



  • Nearly four years ago, Elizabeth Custy was figuring out a new course of study after she did not get into Texas Tech University's School of Art's communication design program. - See more here.


  • Growing programs. Growing leaders. Media & Communication is moving to a new home.


  • R.J. Hinkle, professional photographer and Texas Tech University alumnus from Dallas, visited photography students this spring to give them a professional perspective of the photography industry. - See more here.


  • We are pleased to announce our 2012 Outstanding Alumni recipients: Marilyn Peppers-Citizen, Emily Jones, Gregg Holmes, Joe Hornaday and King Nelson. These alumni will be honored in 2012 with a coinciding celebration of the move of the college to the newly renovated Business Building.


  • The Dallas Opera has promoted 2011 outstanding alumna Jennifer Schuder to Chief Marketing Officer/Director of Community Outreach.


  • Congratulations to our Fall 2011 Banner Bearer Amy Marie Ashby. Amy is a public relations major from Katy, Texas, and will carry the college banner during commencement on Saturday.



  • From playing Little League baseball, to working on the United States Olympic Committee, former Texas Tech graduate Bob Condron has made a life-long career working in the sports industry. - See more here.






  • Debra Sanderson, a 2008 College of Media & Communication graduate with a major in public relations and a minor in general business, had been trying to obtain a job in entertainment public relations since graduation. - See more here.