Hall of Fame

The Media & Communication Hall of Fame was organized to recognize Texas Tech University alumni who have distinguished themselves in media and communication. The Hall of Fame also recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves in media and communication and have specifically aided the educational programs in the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech.

Nominations are made by any student, faculty member, individual or group. The nominations must be made prior to the fall meeting of the Media & Communication National Professional Advisory Board for consideration for inclusion in the annual ceremony.

Election to the Media & Communication Hall of Fame requires a three-fourths vote by the members present at official meetings of the Media & Communication faculty and the Media & Communication National Professional Advisory Board.

Qualifications for election or selection into the Hall of Fame include an alumni who have been out of school for at least five years or a person who is not an alumni, who is not, at the time of the award, serving in any official capacity with Texas Tech University.

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Fall 2014 Media & Communication Hall of Fame Recipient
David Swofford

David Swofford

David Swofford graduated from Texas Tech University’s College of Media & Communication in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Swofford got his start in the broadcasting field while working at Texas Tech’s student-run radio station, KTXT-FM. Originally interested in sports broadcasting, Swofford covered Texas Tech baseball games during his career at the radio station.

During his last year as an undergraduate, Swofford began working at KLBK-TV and eventually became news director. After working at KLBK-TV for four years, Swofford moved to Austin and began working at KTBC-TV. During his time there, Swofford covered numerous major stories including the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Washington, D.C., and even had the chance to travel to Mexico to cover a story about Africanized bees.

After 11 years at KTBC-TV, Swofford transitioned into the field of public relations, specifically video game public relations. He has handled public relations and communications for multiple video game companies, including Electronic Arts and NCSOFT. Swofford has also been working with Chris Roberts, CEO of Cloud Imperium Games, on a crowdfunding campaign for the video game “Star Citizen” which has raised nearly $53 million since it launched in October 2012.

Currently, Swofford serves as communications director at Cloud Imperium Games and president of Conley Swofford Media, a public relations company in Austin, Texas. Swofford runs Conley Swofford Media with his wife, Cathy Conley Swofford, a College of Media & Communication graduate who was recognized as an outstanding alumnus in 2013.