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CoMC Graduate Council

The College of Media & Communication Graduate Council represents the interests of the graduate faculty at large, debates and vets policy options, presents policy options to college graduate faculty for consideration and brings issues to attention of the college graduate program administration.

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11.29.2017 - Council Meeting  

10.26.2017 - Council Meeting  

09.27.2017 - Council Meeting  

05.01.2017 - Council Meeting  

Latest Meeting

Wed., Oct. 25, 2017, 10:00-11:30 a.m.
CoMC 156


Attending: Dr. Kent Wilkinson, Dr. Erik Bucy, Dr. John Velez, Dr. Melanie Sarge, Dr. Eric Rasmussen, Dr. Marjorie Buckner, Dr. Paul Bolls, Dr. Bryan McLaughlin, Dr. Trent Seltzer (chair)

  1. Graduate OPs Update:
      • Motion to approve the OPs as is with minor corrections (typos, etc.) passed unanimously. Seltzer will prepare response to the three faculty members who registered concerns about the draft OPs.
  2. CoMC Graduate Program Administration Proposal:
      • Tabled until November Graduate Council meeting so Dean Perlmutter could be present for the discussion.
  3. Subcommittee Updates:
      • Most subcommittees have been formed and are starting to move forward.
      • The Recruitment & Retention Subcommittee presented a list of doctoral student comments regarding recruitment of new doctoral students and retention existing students. Council reviewed and discussed. Seltzer to follow-up with Bucy, Rasmussen and Graduate Student Association.
  4. Other Business:
      • Dr. Seltzer asked for feedback on the RA assignment process as the spring assignments will be due in the next few weeks. Several recommendations were made on how to streamline the existing process, but the consensus was that the process is fine and that the program needs to communicate to students (a) expectations, (b) accounting for time, and (c) clarification about the nature of a typical RA assignment (coding, transcribing, data entry, etc.). Dr. Seltzer to prepare a ‘job description’ for the RA position as well as a timesheet for logging RA hours that will be signed by supervisor.

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