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CoMC Graduate Council

The College of Media & Communication Graduate Council represents the interests of the graduate faculty at large, debates and vets policy options, presents policy options to college graduate faculty for consideration and brings issues to attention of the college graduate program administration.

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Latest Meeting

Mon., May. 1, 2017, 2:00-3:30 p.m.
CoMC 156


Attending: Dr. Kent Wilkinson, Dr. Erik Bucy, Dr. John Velez, Dr. Andy King, Dr. Melanie Sarge, Dr. Shannon Bichard, Dr. Eric Rasmussen, Dr. Trent Seltzer (chair), Shayla Hammock (minutes)

  1. New & Revised CoMC Graduate Program OPs:
      • Dr. Seltzer asked if anyone had received any feedback from the graduate faculty since the OPs were distributed for review a month ago. All representatives indicated that they had received no feedback. After a brief discussion, it was decided that the OPs should be distributed for a vote. Dr. Seltzer will prep and distribute via Qualtrics as soon as possible.
  2. Graduate Faculty Status:
      • The council discussed a draft of a proposed revision to the existing graduate faculty status OP. After some discussion, it became clear that input was needed from the department chairs and the associate dean for faculty affairs. Dr. Seltzer will schedule a meeting with these administrators to review and discuss the OP before returning to the council with an updated draft.
  3. Doctoral Applications
      • The graduate council reviewed a doctoral program application from Desiree Markham. Dr. Seltzer will distribute a ballot via Qualtrics. The council also considered a request from Arijit Basu to be reinstated in the program. As Mr. Basu did not submit a formal application, no official vote took place.
  4. Priorities for Summer and Fall:
      • Resolving questions regarding graduate faculty status was deemed the top priority moving into the summer session.
  5. Graduate Program & Subcommittee Updates:
      • Career & Mentoring Subcommittee: Planned CV workshop postponed until fall.
      • Scholarship Subcommittee: Another round of review will be necessary during the summer to complete awards.
      • Doctoral Recruitment & Retention Subcommittee: The doctoral student evaluation committee is meeting next week to complete reviews of the 1st and 2nd year students
  6. There was no new business presented so the meeting adjourned.

Council Members

Erik Bucy

Erik Bucy

At-Large Representative, Graduate Student Recruitment & Retention Subcommittee Chair


Andy King

Andy King

At-Large Representative, Ph.D. Career Development Subcommittee Chair