Eye Tracking Lab

Eye tracking studies provide insight into the way consumers interact with a website, TV commercial or other static content. The research provides valuable information to support your client’s design decisions about how and where content should be presented.

A consumer’s focus of attention on an object is identified using an infra-red camera that follows the movements of the eye. The remote eye tracking system registers where on the page the user is looking, and how long their gaze is held in a particular position.

Mobile eye tracker includes portable head gear that allows research to be conducted outside of the laboratory setting. Head mounted optics are lightweight and unobtrusive to the wearer and the recording device may be worn on a belt.

The wearable eye tracker extends the laboratory to the real world by recording what people look at and how their eyes move as they perform a specified task, such as attending to a lecture in a classroom, driving a car, walking, or playing racquetball. In other words, the device tracks how eye movements support perception and what people pay attention to in order to gather the information they need to perform everyday activities.