Transfer Credit & Leveling Work

Transfer Credit

Graduate course work at other universities or in Texas Tech programs outside the College of Media & Communication may be applied to requirements for graduate degrees in Media & Communication subject to the following restrictions:
  • All transfer work must be approved by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. Evaluation of transfer work will be based on the similarity of courses to those offered in the College of Media & Communication.
  • For M.A. programs, no more than six hours from outside the College of Media & Communication may be applied to an M.A. in Mass Communications. In some exceptional situations, and only with the approval of the graduate school and the college, nine hours may be transferred.
  • For Ph.D. programs, no more than 12 hours of coursework, beyond the M.A. and outside of Texas Tech University may be transferred.
  • Only courses in which the student received a grade of B or higher may be considered for transfer credit.

Leveling work

Students who do not hold a baccalaureate or master’s degree in Media & Communication or a related field (e.g., public relations, advertising, journalism) may be required to complete undergraduate leveling work. This leveling coursework does not reduce the credit hour requirements in any graduate curriculum.

Generally, a leveling course in Media & Communication writing, a course in Media & Communication theory, and one or more courses in the appropriate Media & Communication specialty will be required for students whose prior academic experiences do not address these skills and knowledge. The amount of such leveling work and the specific courses required will be determined by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.