Travel Assistance

Graduate students who present research papers at academic conferences may receive travel support. Usually such funding is only available for a paper’s first author and only for one “presenter.” Funding for such requests will not cover all travel expenses and is limited by availability of funds. Priority for allocation of limited funds will be given to doctoral students. In order to process requests for graduate student travel, all requests must be received by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies 60 days prior to the planned travel or by the last day of the academic term preceding the term in which the student will be traveling, whichever date is earliest. Except in extraordinary situations travel funding is not available for international travel.

Students who submit papers for consideration for presentation at academic conferences are advised to contact the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies for information about travel funding availability and procedures at the time they submit the paper for consideration. Students who wait to apply for travel funding until after their paper is accepted risk not receiving travel funding.