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The Institute for Hispanic and International Communication Newsletter | Spring 2011 | Inaugural Issue


Current Activities of IHIC-Affiliated Faculty and Students

Dr. Todd Chambers, Chair of the Department of Electronic Media & Communications, is teaching a Seminar in Communications Technology, and Electronic Media Operations. He is currently involved in two research projects dealing with the structure of sports radio markets and the use of WiFi services. In addition, he is preparing a grant proposal that will consider storytelling among cancer patients and survivors.

Dr. Liz Gardner is extending her work on resistance to health messages by Hispanic diabetics. She is looking at message features, such as narrative style, that can make health recommendations seem less threatening or demanding, with the ultimate goal of promoting diet and exercise among Hispanics with diabetes. Additionally, Dr. Gardner’s Public Relations Campaigns classes are working to help the Lubbock Lions Club – the largest Lions Club in the nation – diversify its membership.

Dr. Rob Peaslee is teaching Visual Communication and Writing for Feature Film, as well as leading the Critical and Qualitative Research Group and coordinating the Global Lens 2011 film series in March and April. Research activities include first paper submissions from the ongoing festivals research stream, including a presentation this May at the International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry. Dr. Peaslee is also working on getting another article published, looking at Hobbiton tourism and submitting a piece on the expediency of hybridity as it is deployed by China in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Finally, he will be working with Film Librarian Rob Weiner editing a volume on Spider-Man and serving as Research Chair for the AEJMC Visual Communication Division.

Dr. Kent Wilkinson is co-instructing a new undergraduate course, Rock and Roll Media with Ph.D. student Kent Lowry. He is also preparing to take another group of study abroad students to Texas Tech’s Seville Center in May. On the research front he is completing two research projects and revising papers for publication including one with Patrick Merle on secondary sources in academic research and another with Nancy Garcia on U.S. cable television services expanding to Latin America.

videoIHIC Director Kent Wilkinson discusses the importance of faculty integrating teaching, research and service

Dr. John G. Wirtz is teaching a new graduate course, Designing Mass Media Health Campaigns. In addition to critiquing theories commonly used in health campaigns, the class is working on a group project related to increasing preventive care appointment-making and appointment-keeping among rural families in West Texas. Wirtz is also revising a journal article he co-authored with graduate students Prisca Ngondo and Philip Poe and working on a systematic review of health public relations research with Ngondo and Dr. Liz Gardner.

Nancy Garcia collaborated with Dr. Wilkinson in revising a paper for a publication on U.S. cable television services expanding to Latin America. She is also the graduate assistant for an undergraduate Principles of Journalism class.

Xiaoai Liu is doing research about environmental ads in Chinese online magazines. She has already attended the Women’s Study Conference at Texas Tech and presented a paper about female graduate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in February, 2011.

Prisca S. Ngondo is teaching Public Relations Writing, developing an instructional manual on the use of PowerPoint in the classroom and working with Dr. Wirtz and Philip Poe on two projects. Additionally, Ngondo co-authored a paper with Dr. Wirtz and Dr. Gardner presented at the 14th Annual International Public Relations Research Conference in Miami. She was honored as a graduate student TEACH Fellow in 2010-2011.

Ashik Shafi is working on his thesis, titled Agenda-setting study in Bangladesh, with Dr. Weiwu Zhang. He is also working on a research project with Dr. Randy Reddick on usage of math by news reporters.

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