Students Can Take Advantage of
Social Media to Prepare for Future Success

LUBBOCK, Texas - July 22, 2013

Workshop with Isaac Flores

The role of social media being in young people's lives has grown in the past several years, and this trend shows no sign of stopping. Because of this, students from middle and high schools around West Texas were given a presentation from Trevor Bell in the Outpost Social Media Lab @ TTU about social media etiquette and how to properly present themselves online.

Isaac Flores, section coordinator for the Office of Community Engagement at Texas Tech, invited The Outpost to speak with the students from five area school districts because he believes that these college-bound students must know how social media can impact their futures.

"I thought it was very important for The Outpost to present because in this day and age, with these youth – especially the youth that we work with – it's all about social media," Flores said. "The majority of them don't have a computer at home, but they have access to the Internet through their phone. It's critical that we talk about college readiness and college preparedness because with social media whatever you put on there, whatever you say on there, stays with you."

Over the two day tour of Texas Tech campus, students were able to see what the university has to offer and get a taste of college life. During the tour, students met with Trevor Bell, Social Media Lab Manager at the Outpost Social Media Lab in the College of Media & Communication. Mr. Bell spoke with students about how to best present themselves on social media, discussed the positive aspects of thoughtfully engaging online, and taught them how to best protect themselves from common mistakes.

"With this younger generation, social media has essentially been around their entire lives, and they must be well-adept at using it in order to be safe and succeed in today's world," Bell said. "While the ultimate goal of social media is to interact with your friends, it is still important to know how social media can be used as a benefit in one's life and what steps to take in order to stay away from harmful behavior."

The Office of Community Engagement aims to provide ways for students in all grade levels to be successful and active members of a college community and provide them with a true Red Raider Experience. Given the growing importance of social media in and out of the classroom, Flores said he plans to utilize the workshops offered by The Outpost in the future.

"I think that getting them into a college classroom, to meet a college professor, to see The Outpost and everything that goes on with it," Flores said. "To see the actual benefits and consequences of social media, it was really good for them to get it in their heads and I think that conversation we had that day will go onto their community, will go to their school and have a ripple effect."

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