Electronic Media & Communications (EMC)

About Electronic Media & Communications

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Electronic Media and Communications is designed to train innovative, responsible storytellers in convergent media forms who can create, analyze and compete in diverse U.S. and global media marketplaces. The EMC program offers professional courses in electronic media, visual communications, digital media production, photography and writing to provide a broad and thorough liberal arts education.

This is not simply a skills-oriented program. Instead, the program is devoted to preparing students for leadership positions in electronic media industries.

A successful graduate of the Electronic Media & Communications program should be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate the ability to specify audience and purpose and make appropriate communication choices with a competence in storytelling.
  • Construct, present and defend critical and aesthetic judgments of works in the creative arts by exhibiting critical thinking skills through written and verbal presentation.
  • Exhibit knowledge and awareness of distinctive issues related to race, gender and ethnicity in electronic media and/or international communication.
  • Show understanding of how technology and applied science affects society and the environment, and demonstrate understanding of the relationship of ethics and technology with competence in the areas of multimedia design and production.
  • Demonstrate knowledge about management issues in the industries of electronic media.

Our Students

Recent graduates from our EMC program work in a variety of positions in media. Here’s a list of what some recent EMC graduates have gone on to do:

  • Platform Services, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Stage and Broadcast Manager, The World of Residensea
  • Video Editor, RD Thomas Advertising
  • Producer at WPBF-TV
  • Account Supervisor, The Marketing Arm
  • Multimedia Producer, Digital Base Productions
  • Producer at KTVT-TV
  • Loyalty Marketing Coordinator, United Supermarkets
  • Promotions, CBS Radio
  • Artistic Director, Dallas International Film Festival
  • Communications Specialist, City of Temple
  • Editor, Shed Media
  • Associate Producer, GSD&M

Other EMC alumni are television news anchors, video producers, photographers, editors, radio air personalities, promotions managers, website developers and several other careers.

Check out what some of our students are involved with:

Our Faculty

The Department of Electronic Media & Communications is dedicated to helping students pursue their professional goals by providing unique learning opportunities and monitoring the media environment to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.
Our award winning faculty includes: