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March 2015 Article:

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Landing that First Job as a Journalist
Bill Seitzler

Bill Seitzler

Despite changes in traditional media platforms, good journalists are still emerging. Finding that first job may take time, but it’s far from impossible. Great media companies are still hiring great student journalists.

Your “body of work” (stories, copy, etc.) is very important but it doesn’t simply speak for itself! You must be an active job seeker willing to learn how to showcase more than just your skills. People are hiring YOU…not just your body of work.

Use your Journalism Skills as part of the job search process

The same skill set that makes for good journalism will serve you well in landing that first gig.

Lean into those skills:

Big Mistakes by Journalists Looking for that First Job

In my 28-year career in the broadcast news industry, I’ve seen more than a few mistakes from journalists looking for that first job.

Here are a few: