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Entrepreneur Gives Back

Telea Johnson Stafford

Telea Johnson Stafford was always focused.

As a first-generation college graduate in her immediate family, and with limited financial resources, Stafford did not spend a lot of time making mistakes. She always knew what she wanted to do.

Texas Tech University was Stafford's first and only choice of colleges to attend, and she knew she wanted to major in advertising.

"I was always drawn to writing and creative, I enjoy being creative," Stafford said. "So I knew what I wanted to do when I came in, which now I realize is rare."

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Social Media Lab Sparks Interest

Students and faculty member Trent Seltzer, Ph.D., monitor social media in the Outpost

In the past decade, social media and advances in communication technology have completely changed the way media and communication practitioners do their jobs. Students in media and communication are being introduced to new innovations daily.

In response to these developments, Department of Public Relations Chairperson, Trent Seltzer, Ph.D., said the College of Media & Communication has launched a new social media lab at Texas Tech University called the Outpost.

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"Reaching Audiences" Conference

National experts in market research and Hispanic media converged in Lubbock March 4-5 at a unique conference hosted by the College of Media & Communication called “Reaching Audiences: Exploring Opportunities in Hispanic Media and Market Research.” Organized by Regents Professors Erik Bucy and Kent Wilkinson, the two-day conference brought together industry and academic experts from New York to Los Angeles for a series of interactive panels that discussed current trends and shifting demographics in the media industries.

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Sports Show arrives in Midland, TX

Erica Taylor and Joshua Koch

The Double-T Insider, a weekly, student-produced show featuring Texas Tech sports news, is new to the College of Media & Communication this year. The show airs on YouTube, the Texas Tech athletic website and the Media & Communication website. The show has expanded its audience to Midland, Texas, as it airs each Sunday on KWES-TV. The show gives graduates and undergraduates an opportunity to learn and exercise a variety of skills through broadcasting.

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Longno Photography Featured on Magazine Cover

Peter Longno Photography

In a season of magazine racks overflowing with pictures of golden-brown turkeys and headlines shouting “15 Delicious Stuffing Recipes!,” a magazine cover featuring a stark silhouette of a longhorn statue juxtaposed with a tumultuous grey sky background is a bold and refreshing alternative to another helping of media mashed potatoes and gravy. Open the front cover of Texas Farm & Home and in small letters at the bottom it reads: Cover photo by Peter Longno.

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Inside the College

Take a tour through our new building with an interactive map of each floor.

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Toast to 'A New Beginning'

Peter Longno Photography

During a busy weekend in which the National Professional Advisory Board members visited Lubbock, the Texas Tech University College of Media & Communication celebrated the opening of its new building with a special dedication.

Chancellor Kent Hance opened the dedication, calling the building a "first-class building." Hance said the building renovation project totaled $25 million.

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Alumni Donors Leave Lasting Mark

Peter Longno Photography

Texas Tech alumni Cathy and David Swofford donated a gift to the College of Media & Communication and were given the opportunity to sponsor and name a room in the newly renovated building.

“We wanted to give back,” Cathy Swofford said. “This school has been so good to us; the education we got really led to the success we have experienced in our careers.”

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